Why Is My Budgie Squawking? How To Stop It?

If your budgie is squawking, there’s a good chance it’s because of one of several reasons.

In this blog post, we will explore the most common causes of squawking and how to stop it.

Budgies are known for their loud, incessant squawks, and if you’re not sure why your bird is making so much noise, you’re not alone!

Many people have trouble figuring out what their budgie is trying to say. In most cases, budgies squawk because they’re afraid or annoyed. But sometimes they’ll start squawking for other reasons. Let’s explore.

How do you describe a budgie’s squawk?

A budgie’s squawk is a high-pitched, brief sound that is made when the bird exhales sharply.

The sound is often compared to a squeak, and it is typically produced when the bird is excited or startled.

Although squawks are generally considered to be harmless, they can sometimes be an indication of health problems, such as respiratory infections.

If your budgie frequently squawks, it is important to take him to the vet for a check-up.

Are budgies noisy birds?

Are budgies noisy birds? That is a common question that potential bird owners ask before making the commitment to bring a feathered friend into their home.

The answer, however, is not as straightforward as one might think.

While budgies are not known for being particularly vocal, they can certainly make plenty of noise when they are excited or upset.

However, in general, budgies are considered to be quite birds and should not be too disruptive to your everyday life.

Of course, every bird is different, so there is no guarantee that your budgie will be a quiet little companion.

However, if you are looking for a pet bird that is less likely to cause a disturbance, a budgie may be the perfect choice for you.

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Why is my budgie squawking?

There are a few reasons why your budgie might be squawking.

Fear and annoyance

One reason could be that they are afraid or annoyed.

If there is something that is frightening them or making them uncomfortable, they might squawk to express their displeasure.


Another reason your budgie might squawk is if they are hurt.

If they are in pain, squawking may be their way of asking for help.

Hormone-filled temper

In addition, your budgie might also be squawking because they are in a hormone-filled temper.

If they are going through a hormonal change, they may be more prone to outbursts of squawking.

Mating season

Another possibility is that it’s mating season and your bird is feeling frisky.

Many people find that their budgies start to squawk more during mating season.

This is because they are feeling amorous and want to attract a mate.

Get your attention

Another reason is that your budgie is trying to get your attention.

Budgies are social creatures, and they enjoy interacting with their human companions.

If your budgie feels like it’s being ignored, it may start squawking in an effort to get your attention.

Express their joy

Finally, squawking is also a way for budgies to express their joy in life.

So if your bird is squawking for no apparent reason, it’s probably just celebrating the fact that it’s alive and happy.

Regardless of the reason, if your budgie is squawking excessively, it is important to take them to a veterinarian to rule out any medical causes.

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Why are budgies squawking at each other?

Budgies are vocal birds, and they often squawk at each other as part of their social interactions.

However, there can be several reasons why budgies might squawk more than usual.

If two budgies are competing for the same mate or territory, they may squawk more aggressively at each other.

Budgies may also squawk as a way to communicate. They may be trying to warn each other of danger, or simply letting the others know where they are.

If your budgie is squawking more than usual, it’s important to pay attention to the context and see if you can identify any potential causes.

Only by understanding why your budgie is squawking can you provide the best possible care.

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How to stop squawking in budgies?

If your budgie is squawking more than usual, there are several things you can do to help reduce the noise.

Move the cage

First, try moving the cage to a different location.

Often, budgies will squawk if they feel like they’re being ignored or if they’re bored with their surroundings.

A new location may help to reduce their vocalization.

Cover the cage

Secondly, you can try covering the cage with a light cloth.

This will help to muffle the sound of their squawking and may also create a feeling of security for your budgie.

Interrupt the behavior

Thirdly, if your budgie is squawking due to aggression, you can try interrupting the behavior with a squirt bottle.

This will break up the aggression and hopefully reduce the overall noise level.

Give them a “time out”

If your budgie is starting to squawk more than usual, it may be time to give them a “time out.”

Simply place them in their cage in a separate room for a few minutes to let them calm down.

If this doesn’t seem to work, you may need to increase the amount of time they spend in their “time out.”

Socialize with your budgie

Another way to stop squawking is to socialize with your budgie.

Spend more time playing with them and talking to them.

This will help them feel more comfortable around you and less likely to squawk.

You can also try training your budgie with positive reinforcement. For example, if they stop squawking for a few minutes, give them a treat.

Use AviCalm

If your budgie is still squawking excessively, you may want to try using AviCalm.

This product is designed to help reduce stress in birds and has been shown to be effective in reducing squawking.

Simply sprinkle a small amount on your bird’s food every 8 to 12 hours. 

By following these simple tips, you can help to reduce the amount of squawking in your budgie.


Budgies are social creatures, and they often squawk as part of their social interactions. However, there can be several reasons why budgies might squawk more than usual, including fear, pain, hormones, and the desire to get your attention. If your budgie is squawking more than usual, there are several things to reduce their squawking.

By understanding why your budgie is squawking, you can provide the best possible care.