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Guinea pigs are some of the most common types of pets people prefer. Several people have bought guinea pigs because they are easy to take care of and extremely friendly. But most people don’t know properly about them because the guinea pigs don’t like to live alone. Guinea pigs are extremely social creatures and need a partner to be happy and fulfill all their heart’s desire. 

Often inexperienced guinea pig owners make the mistake of buying a single guinea pig instead of buying a pair. This causes the guinea pigs to have a severe effect on both its mental and physical well-being.

Some of the problems faced by guinea pigs:

This section will detail some of the problems and situations; the guinea pig has to face if it is left alone for a longer duration of time.


Guinea pigs are social creatures by nature. They often travel and interact with their kind in the wild. But when they are domesticated, then there will be very little chance of that. So when your guinea pig is alone in a cage, they lean to turn more fearful. The loneliness makes them take on annoying habits like constant scratching and chewing the cage bars, etc.

That is why you need to keep guinea pigs in pairs. This helps to reduce the loneliness in them. It might not be similar to the herd in the wild, but at least they have some interaction with their kind.


Guinea pigs are very social and helpful creatures. They always look after their kind. When two guineas are kept jointly, they still look after each other. If a guinea pig becomes sick or becomes unable to move due to age, the other will help him by moving food and pellet bowls to its friend. If a guinea pig is stuck to something, the other makes loud noises to attract your attention.

These were some of the situations that one can see when they keep two guinea pigs together. But that is not even possible when a guinea pig is left alone.

Physical activity

Guinea pigs are very active animals. Guinea pigs often compete against each other. When two guinea pigs are kept together, they sometimes race against around the cage, etc. Sometimes, the suppressed animal has to fight for better food and a better sleeping spot against the dominant animal. This competition becomes unavailable when a guinea pig lives alone. 

Guinea Pigs

Human bonding

The alternative for guinea pig companion is human bonding. Guinea pigs look into their human owner for bonding if they cannot find one of their kinds. Sometimes this works, only if the owner can provide several hours for taking care of the guinea pig. The guinea pigs look for attention and care from their owner, and unless the owner can give this time, it is better to buy another one for companionship.

Things to Consider:

This section will discuss some of the things one needs to consider when buying a companion for their single guinea pig.


Choosing a gender to pick is crucial. Female guinea pigs always take good care and live healthily with other females. If you kept two males together, they would fight against each other for dominance. This does not happen only if the two males were brought up together.

It is also not advised to pet two guinea pigs of the opposite gender. If female guinea pigs are mate before eight months, then that can be fatal.


Irrespective of single or a pair of guinea pigs, they will require interaction with the owner. So, when buying another one for companionship, one must keep in mind that they need to pet that and pay attention to that guinea pig. This means they have to dwell more time into taking care of guinea pigs now more.

Housing needs

Many sites say that each guinea pig only requires 2 square feet per guinea pigs, but that is not accurate. A guinea pig needs more than that for sleeping, eating, toilet, etc. Approximately each guinea pigs need about 7.5 square feet each. 

One must keep in mind when they are buying a companion. Without enough space, it would not only be difficult for the owner to clean up, but it will also be more difficult for the guinea pigs to stay. Without the specified space, the lack of space will make the cage more clumsy, and your pet will find it difficult to survive.

Feeding and watering needs

Housing multiple guinea pigs mean that one needs to provide adequate water and chewing toys for them. Guinea pig’s diet decides the amount of water it will drink. Therefore, one must provide enough water that both the guinea pig can drink to its heart’s content. The water also needs to be fresh and changed every day.

When it comes to food, one must keep in mind to provide ample food for both of the guinea pigs. Another thing to consider is that if the guinea pigs fight over food, it is better to give these guinea pigs food separately. Giving this food individually means that they have to place the food in different parts of the cage so that the guinea pigs have access to their food quickly.

These were some of the basic things and topics one must keep in mind when adopting a New Guinea pig to provide companionship to their single guinea pig.


Guinea pigs are adorable social creatures that people often a pet. But people make the mistake of getting a single guinea pig. Guinea pigs like to socialize and be a part of the herd. This article discussed the various problems guinea pigs face when they live alone and what they must consider when they buy a guinea pig as their previous one’s companion. 

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