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What months do bearded dragons brumate

What months do bearded dragons brumate? ( Brumation Guide )

Brumation can be described as the state of hibernation for cold-blooded animals. One example of these animals is the main topic of discussion in this article: the bearded dragon. Bearded dragons adopt this stage of hibernation, especially in the state of winter.  During the brumation stage, the bearded dragons’ movement becomes relatively slow and quite …

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can hamster eat chicken 1

Can Hamsters Eat Chicken?

Chicken is well liked among the meat products out there in the world. It is healthy for human beings and provides a good source of protein. Can Hamsters Eat Chicken? As a simple answer – yes, hamsters can eat chicken, but it should be given in moderation, so preferably feed chicken to your hamster as …

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Can Hamsters eat Kiwi

Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi?

Kiwi is healthy for humans, as they provide a lot of nutrients in one bundle. They are one of the most well-liked fruits on earth. Can Hamsters Eat Kiwi? Yes, hamsters can eat kiwi, but make sure to give in moderation. Why in moderation? Some might ask that kiwis are sweet, meaning that they have …

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Do Hamsters bites hurt

Do Hamster Bites Hurt?

Hamsters are docile creatures, meaning that they do not attack without reason. Meaning that as they get aggressive, they become afraid at the same time. Their teeth do not do that much damage, but it is still painful. It is like a nuclear bomb that occurs between your skin in a split second in a …

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Can Rabbit Eat Lemons

Can Rabbits Eat Lemon?

If you are a new rabbit owner, you might have a lot of questions about what your cute little buddy can and cannot eat. And if you cook,  the one fruit/vegetable you would tend to leave on your kitchen counter would be that sour and tart citrus fruit that is the life of a Mexican …

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