How to lure a loose pet snake out of hiding

How to lure a loose pet snake out of hiding (Free-Roaming snake)?

Snakes usually hide in small spaces. If you have a pet snake at home, it is difficult to keep it inside a cage. Snakes are flexible and can easily escape from your cage. They have a bad reputation for being harmful. But pet snakes are domesticating. They try to avoid humans due to their own fear.

There are two different types of snake traps – glue and Minnow. While glue used adhesive to catch a snake and is for one-time use, minnow traps last longer as wires are used to trap the snake. All you need to do is place it in a place where you feel the snake is present. Place a food item such as an egg as bait for the snake. It will lure the snake towards the cage.

Moreover, they help to eat the rodents that pester us inside our house. Hence, what to do if your let snake has escaped from his cage and has gone into hiding? Let’s find out.

Hire an experienced professional

Even if a pet snake has escaped, you should call up a professional to do the job. There are several companies that you can check out on the web for this job. A professional will be easily able to remove the snake without hurting it. This is a good option in case you have a venomous snake out loose. 

Buy a snake trap and use it.

If it is a non-venomous snake, there are several options that you can look for when it comes to snake traps. Snake traps are easy to use and affordable. Moreover, if it is a pet snake, the chances are that it might just go into hiding again. Purchasing a snake trap will help you to deal with such situations in the future. No matter what kind of snake trap you decide to purchase, you need to check it regularly. It is not magic. It might take you a few days to catch the snake.

However, you need to be patient with it. Make sure that you place the snake trap in an area where you have seen snakes before. Placing the trap in an incorrect location will not bring in any suitable results. Usually, snakes are found in gardens. However, if you have a cluttered area in your house, such as a basement, you can place the snake trap there as well. Snake traps should be regularly checked because it is inhumane to keep them inside the trap for a long time.

You have to carefully remove them and let them have moved around freely. There are several options when it comes to snake traps. These options are:

Minnow traps

These traps for snakes are usually cylindrical. It is made up of wires and can help you to catch your pet snake easily. You will need bait to lure your snake inside the Minnow Traps. Experts suggest that you can use eggs as bait. Once you have placed the eggs inside the trap, place the trap at a convenient place. The snake can lure inside the trap easily. There is a hole inside this trap that allows the snake to get inside the trap easily. 

Glue traps

Another option for catching a snake is a Glue trap. You can find Glue Traps in different sizes. Depending on the size of your snake, you can choose the one you want to purchase. As the name suggests, the trap has a lining of glue inside it. When you place bait inside the trap, for example, eggs, the snake will slither in. The snake will get stuck in the lining. You will be able to find such traps online. Be careful when you are purchasing a glue trap. While some might be re-usable, most of them are for one-time use only. The reason for it is because of the glue. The glue tends to wear off over time.

How to select the right snake trap?

Different brands manufacture snake traps. You can identify a good quality snake trap by focusing on certain features. These traps are usually made up of: 

Easy to set up

You should always purchase a snake trap that can be rigged up easily. It shouldn’t be a hassle to deal with it. There are several options for snake traps online. Check out the reviews for each product and select the one that scores more on utility. Moreover, it should be gentle on the snake. Several traps have a faulty mechanism that can kill the snake. The process of trapping the snake should be as humane as possible.

Robust building material

You should always purchase a snake trap that is made with good quality material. Trapping a snake is not an easy task. A good quality trap will ensure that the snake does not escape. It should not wear off over time and can be used multiple times.


If you have kids at your place, you have to be extra careful about trapping a snake. Kids are vulnerable and can get hurt easily. To make sure that no accidents happen, you need to select the right snake trap. 

Use at any time of the day

A snake trap should be one that can be used during the day as well as at night. This indicates that it should be easily identified by you, even under low light conditions. Most of the snakes move around at night, and hence, it is an important factor. 


A good snake trap will be able to withstand any kind of weather. Be it rain or sunshine – it should stand tall in all situations—most snakes like wet and moist climates. If your snake trap doesn’t work in all conditions, it will be tough for you to lure the snake out of its hiding. 

Now that you know how you can lure your pet snake out of hiding, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a professional online if you want your snake near you. If not, there are always snake traps available. Make sure that you keep your garden as well as the basement uncluttered. It will reduce the number of hiding spots for the snake and easier for you to lure it out of these spots. 

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