Do Parrots Cry?

Yes, parrots do cry. When it comes to crying, we think about falling tears from our eyes because of the pain we feel physically or emotionally. In this case, parrots have tear glands, but they never shed tears from their eyes, so they don’t use their tear glands which is also a mechanism of removing harmful toxic substances from the body and not only the way of expressing pain.

So does that mean parrots don’t cry? No, the story is not yet concluded. You also have other sides. As told earlier, crying is not only shedding tears but also a way of expression. Parrots are considered to be very active and intelligent creatures, they, of course, express themselves, and they do this by making a loud sound that sounds similar to crying. They are loud enough to be heard by people around. This could also be called screaming.

Why Do Parrots Cry?

parrot can cry due to the following reasons:


There are several reasons behind the cry of parrots. One of them is hunger. If a parrot is hungry, it will start to get tensed and end up crying. This will be difficult to notice initially, but as you get habituated and close to your pet parrot, your bond will make it easy to understand.

As parrots do not shed tears, they will try their best to express their emotions to their owners. They will adapt to their new home and try to create a comfortable zone near it. Many annoying situations like a sudden change in weather and irritation in the stomach are other reasons for parrots to cry.


Parrots get fear when they hear Loud noises such as loudspeakers and Sirens. another reason parrots get fear is whenever your Four legged Pet (Dogs and Cats) comes near your parrot, they will get fear. It is a natural instinct for parrots to get afraid of their natural predators.


In a Wild Parrots stays in flocks, whenever they get separated from there flocks they feel sad. Also losing a close one will be a traumatic experience for parrots.

Left alone for too long

Parrots are social creature, they tend to stay in flocks and always have companions. While staying in captivity they need to have interaction. if you leave parrot without interaction for long, they will cry out for you.


If Parrots get Injured and pain gets unbearable, it will cry out and try to seek your attention. It will continue until the injury is healed.

Why is my Parrot screaming?

Reasons behind the screaming of parrots could be many, among which the most common is that birds stay in their flock, but due to some circumstances, if any bird lost the company of their flock, they start screaming, so do the Parrot. When the Parrot losses its fellow mates, it starts screaming to make the other parrots realize that he is lost and could not find the correct way in response to which the parrots in the flock also screams to sign the lost parrot direction to them so that the Parrot reaches to them quickly. 

The lost Parrot again screams to sign that it has found the way and would reach to them in some time. To make conversations with the fellow Parrot, the parrot screams, which also sounds like crying at times. But it’s just a process for getting in touch with the flock again and return to home.

Parrot starts screaming aloud to signal the family members that it is annoyed and wants someone to look after it and also screams because it has nothing else to do, so if you keep him busy with some food or some toy, it might not scream.

What is Parrot’s reaction when they are ill?      

Parrots react to their illness by screaming. They express their pain through the noise. If a parrot becomes ill, it often does not eat and start screeching. This is their way of saying their discomfort. As we now know that parrots cry but do not shed tears. This may take time for people with no experience with parrots to understand their behavior.

Do baby parrot cries? 

When it comes to younger Parrots or Baby parrots, they also cry, and the primary reason they cry is food. As they are young and in a growth stage, they need food now, and then just one-time feeding is not at all enough. The baby parrots are week and cannot find or search for their food themselves, so they cry to make their parents realize that they need to feed them to fulfill their requirements and experience satiety.

Do parrots have emotions?

When we realize that parrots do cry and already discussed that crying is an emotion, it’s clear that Parrot is also an emotional creature like us. They feel all sought emotions from love, care, sorrow, pain, danger, and frightening and everything else. It’s always believed that Parrot is the cleverest bird of all and also scientifically proven that it’s one of the most sensible creatures found on earth.

Parrot’s behavior when they cry

Parrot’s behavior becomes unusual, and it starts being lazy and least interested in any interaction or activities, which are opposite to Parrot’s expected behavior. This shows that your Parrot is not well and needs help. Parrot is stressed due to some of the other reasons. it might also stop eating its food or may even show dislike or disapproval for the favorite food items in distress.

Also, behavioral changes are plucking its feathers for no reason, toe-tapping, or swinging its head. Parrots also show a kind of aggression in their behavior. it is annoyed, which is visible. it does specific actions to show that it is irritated. When you need an avian vet for sure without delay, give your Parrot extra care and make him feel loved. You can recover him quickly as it feels your affection towards him.

How to quiet a screaming parrot?

Initially, we have read several reasons behind our pet parrot’s scream. It depends on us to make them quiet. They react to our reactions, and we have to understand if their scream is good or bad. Sometimes it’s of joy, and sometimes of loneliness.

Train your parrot about your concerns. If a screaming parrot calms down, then whistle or use tones opposing their scream. Many times we have to take a step ahead by spending some time with our pet parrot. Rewarding them after every appropriate noise and action and acknowledging them from time to time will reduce their screaming.


Here, we conclude that YES parrots do cry, but they don’t shed tears on how humans do neither use their tear glands. They cry by making a similar sound to it, which is loud enough to be also called a scream. Parrot is an adorable, beautiful, and intelligent bird who has emotions. 

Sometimes these Parrot screams to show happiness and excitement, but the two screams can be easily differentiated. So, make sure your Parrot doesn’t scream with sorrow but with joy.