Do Hamsters bites hurt

Do Hamster Bites Hurt?

Hamsters are docile creatures, meaning that they do not attack without reason. Meaning that as they get aggressive, they become afraid at the same time.

Their teeth do not do that much damage, but it is still painful. It is like a nuclear bomb that occurs between your skin in a split second in a simple sentence. But this habit is not one that you should promote in your furry friend.

If you are worried about getting a disease from the bite, do not worry. The bites will not cause diseases, as their bites do not go in that deep into your skin, whereas it may hurt some time after getting the bite. It is similar to when a kitten bites you.

What Causes them to Bite?

Unfamiliarity with a place or a particular person is the main reason for the bite. Think about when you were a baby; you mostly would cry as soon as you saw a person who is a stranger to you. Similarly, hamsters also bite instead of crying. This reaction is natural, and they too do it in nature.

Another reason that hamster might bite is that they might feel scared or threatened. In nature, hamsters fend off other predators by biting them up. If this is the case, we have a suitable solution for you that will be discussed in this article.

Please do remember that they are not aggressive, meaning that they do not put them down. Hamsters always are peaceful and are good pets for kids and children. Surveys also suggest that people consider hamsters to be perfect pets for households with kids, which stays true. They show that type of behavior due to a reason.

A Hamster’s eye vision is comparatively low than that of the other pets that you can adopt. Hamsters are creatures who heavily rely on their sense of smell to do things. This information also extends to how they find something. In most cases, hamsters might have considered you as food if you might have touched a food item that gives off a strong scent.

 To know if this scenario is happening to you, try placing your hand inside the hamster’s cage after washing your hands. If the hamster jumps at you, you will know that your furry friend is feeling quite scared. Instead, if they feel relatively calm, then the reason that they bit you was that they might have considered you as food and could not see your hand.

Sleep is vital for humans as well as hamsters alike. If a person were to scare you up from sleep, what would your reaction be? At first, you would get frightened, and then you will find anger and might even attack the person in retaliation.

This case also applies to hamsters. They might have been frightened when you woke them up. If this is the case, and you already got a bit, make it a lesson not to disturb anyone, both people and hamsters, when they are asleep.

If you got bit by a hamster, do not disturb them even further, giving rise to many more problems. So, when they bite, do not try to shake them off, instead, hold them and let them descend to the floor of the cage safely. Do not yell or swear at them; even though this task is one of the hardest to accomplish, it has a detrimental effect on the relationship between you and the hamster. When you yell at it, it will feel insecure and unsafe.

Then proceed to clean off the area with some warm water and cleanse the area with some antiseptic liquid. After the liquid has dried off and when the region is arid, then only proceed to a bandage.

How do I change this behavior?

To change the hamster’s behavior, you will have to have patience and peace, as it takes time for anyone, human or hamster, to change.

Try to gain their trust by letting them get used to your hands and try lifting them gradually. Let them get used to you, and then try something daring by placing your hand inside the hamster’s cage.


Hamsters are by no means an aggressive creature, and in fact, they are the humblest among all the pets, making it one of the best pets for households with kids or toddlers. Yes, their bites do pain for a split second or two, then it more or less disappears. Try to get acquainted with your furry friend. 

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