Do Cockatiels Like Watching TV? Amazing Videos Inside

Do cockatiels like watching TV? The answer may surprise you! Recent studies have shown that cockatiels can actually enjoy watching television.

In fact, many bird owners have found that their birds seem to prefer certain programs over others. So what do cockatiels watch on TV? Keep reading to find out!

Do cockatiels like watching TV?

Yes, cockatiels like watching television.

There are a number of reasons why cockatiels may enjoy watching TV.

First, they may be attracted to the movement and brightness of the screen. Birds are naturally curious creatures, and television can provide them with a never-ending stream of novelty to explore.

Additionally, cockatiels are social creatures that enjoy being around others, even if those others are just images on a screen. In some cases, cockatiels may even see their fellow feathered friends on TV and want to “join in” the fun!

Finally, it’s possible that watching TV simply gives cockatiels a sense of comfort and security.

There are some YouTube videos showing that cockatiels love watching television.

In this YouTube video “Cockatiel watches TV”, you can see a cockatiel watching another video of a cockatiel on Instagram singing.

In this YouTube video “Cockatiel Ella is watching TV”, you can see that cockatiel Ella is really enjoying the TV show.

After all, they likely know that they won’t be attacked by another creature while they’re watching the TV screen.

What do cockatiels watch on TV?

Cockatiels can watch any type of television program, but they seem to prefer ones that feature other birds.

In addition, they may also enjoy programs that are high in contrast (e.g. cartoons) or contain a lot of movement.

Cockatiels also like musicals. Sometimes they bob their heads to the music, showing that they really enjoy the music.

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Some cockatiels even become “addicted” to certain television shows and will watch them obsessively!

What are the favorite TV programs for cockatiels?

Based on the experience of parrot owners, cockatiels enjoy many different types of TV programs but some of their favorites include:-

  • Shows about birds
  • Nature documentaries
  • Cartoons
  • Musicals
  • Comedies
  • Action movies

Cockatiels also enjoy watching YouTube videos shown on your mobile phone.

Simply having the television on in the background is enough to provide them with stimulation and keep them from getting bored.

Does your cockatiel enjoy watching TV with you? Why?

Yes, many cockatiel owners report that their cockatiels enjoy watching TV together.

cockatiels like watching TV with you

There are a few reasons why your cockatiel may enjoy watching TV with you.

First, cockatiels are very social creatures, so being able to share the experience of watching TV with you is a great way for them to bond with you.

Additionally, cockatiels are extremely intelligent and have been known to be able to understand human communication, so they may be able to follow along with what’s happening on the screen.

Finally, some cockatiels simply enjoy the sensory stimulation of being in front of a television – the bright colors and movement can be very stimulating and exciting for them.

This is a funny YouTube video “I can’t watch TV anymore” that which the bird doesn’t allow the owner to turn off the TV.

Cockatiels like to watch television alone and especially with you as they love being around their human companions. 

Can cockatiels sleep with the TV on?

Yes, cockatiels can sleep with the television on. However, some cockatiels are more sensitive to light and noise from TV than others.

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The light from your TV can be a problem for your birds when they are trying to sleep. The sound from the TV can also be a problem, but as long as it is kept down low, your bird will eventually get used to it and not be bothered by it.

It’s probably best not to take any chances, though, and just turn off the TV when you’re trying to get your birdie to sleep.

Can I place the birdcage near a television?

It is not recommended to place bird cages near televisions because the intense light and radiation from the television can be harmful to the birds.

Birds are especially susceptible to radiation because they have thinner skulls than other animals.

Thin skulls mean there is less bone between the brain and the outside world, which means birds are more likely to absorb radiation from televisions and other electronic devices.

Is TV bad for cockatiels?

Yes, TV can be bad for cockatiels in a couple of ways.

First, the bright lights from the television screen can disturb a bird’s natural sleep cycle.

Secondly, if a cockatiel is left alone in front of a TV for too long, it can start to think that the images on the screen are real birds (or other animals) and become stressed or agitated.

If you must have a TV in your bird’s room, make sure to cover it up when your bird is not supervised so that he or she can’t see the bright light or moving images.

What cockatiels can play with when you are busy?

When you’re busy and your cockatiel is left home alone, there are a few things you can do to keep them entertained besides watching TV.

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One is to purchase toys specifically designed for cockatiels. These can include anything from chew toys, to swing sets, to ladders.

Another option is to improvise and use household items as toys. For example, you can give them an empty paper towel roll to chew on or let them play with a set of keys.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that your cockatiel has access to plenty of food and water throughout the day so that they stay hydrated and don’t get bored.

When choosing toys for your cockatiel, look for ones that are specifically designed for birds. Avoid any toys with small parts that could be swallowed or inhaled, as well as anything made of toxic materials. Instead, opt for bird-safe materials like wood or rope.

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Final thoughts

Cockatiels can benefit from watching TV in a few ways, and can even sleep with the television on.

However, it is best not to place bird cages near televisions because of the intense light and radiation they emit.

The bright lights can disturb your cockatiel’s natural sleep cycle, as well as cause them to think that moving images on the screen are real birds.

If you must have a TV in your bird’s room, make sure to cover it up when your bird is not supervised so that he or she can’t see the bright light or moving images.