Do Cockatiels Get Lonely? (4 Important Signs You Need To Watch Out For)

Yes, Cockatiels get lonely. They are birds that form strong attachments to humans as pets and get bouts of depression when you leave them all alone.

Cockatiels are very sociable birds, and they love the company of humans around them. It is also not good to keep your Cockatiels alone if you are going away for a long time; keep your cockatiels in pairs so that they don’t feel lonely.

How do you know a cockatiel is lonely?

The distinguishing marks of all birds are their feathers. Cockatiels also give their sign of loneliness from their feathers. Check your Cockatiel’s feathers. If you find a crest on your Cockatiel’s feathers, it indicates they are easily startled because of their loneliness. When your Cockatiel erects its feathers, that is called a crest on the birds.

Along with that, here are some other signs to watch out for signs of loneliness in birds.

  1. Loss of appetite indicates that your Cockatiel is depressed. When human beings are sad, they lose interest in eating and sleeping. Cockatiels, too, lose their appetite when they are sad and lonely.
  2. If your Cockatiel is lonely, it will be sensitive to sounds and try to guard itself. A Cockatiel will stretch its wings and flatten its feathers near its head, indicating that it is defensive.
  3. Cockatiels tend to have destructive behavior leading to the plucking of feathers by themselves, even to the stage of baldness. Check for bald spots in your Cockatiels. If there are bald spots, it indicates that there are severe signs of depression in your Cockatiel.
  4. As mentioned earlier, Cockatiels are very social and love interacting with others. Your Cockatiel may have bouts of screaming if any person comes near your bird. It indicates that your bird is lonely and is screaming and squawking to receive attention.

How long should I leave my Cockatiel alone?

Leaving a Cockatiel alone for a few hours is harmless. They can cope with only a few hours, so do not leave them for more beyond that.

If you intend to stay out from your place overnight, please ensure that your bird’s plate of food and water is full. Or much better, you can ask a neighbor or a close friend to watch over your pet for the night.

If there is no one to look after him, then you can place your Cockatiel’s cage in a comfortable place. Place your Cockatiel’s toys near him so that he can play without getting bored. 

You can also try placing your Cockatiel’s cage near a window of your home. That way, they can enjoy the view outside or look at the cars, people, and animals passing by. 

When you come back, ensure that you spend lots of time with your pet. Give your pet the attention it deserves to make up for the time you were away from him.

Shower him with lots of attention before you step out again so that they will not be withdrawn you go out. 

Please do not stay away from your Cockatiel for long hours often. They can get lonely, and depressed. Do not own a Cockatiel if you cannot look after it responsibly. 

Shall I pair my Cockatiel with another Cockatiel?

Cockatiels need companionship and affection. A mate for your Cockatiel is a good idea if you intend to stay away from your pet for a long time.

Keeping Cockatiels in pairs can also ease your need to keep your pet company constantly. They will also be happier with their kind. Moreover, they will also need less attention when they are in pairs.

Cockatiels can also survive without a mate. But, if they are left alone, they need to get lots of attention. In fact, Cockatiels regard their owners as their mates in the absence of their pair. As your Cockatiel’s owner and acting like a mate, shower your Cockatiel with lots of affection if you intend to own only one Cockatiel.

Can my Cockatiel die of loneliness?

No, they may not die of actual loneliness. But Cockatiels can die from signs of loneliness.

As mentioned above, there are a few signs to look for loneliness in Cockatiels. The most harmful character is an unwillingness to eat.

Cockatiels, like all birds, have a very fast metabolism which means their energy burns out fast when they don’t eat or are on an empty stomach. Irregular consumption of food will make your bird have a weak immune system. Your bird will get sick and may even die if it becomes severe.

Their constant plucking of feathers will also lead to rashes and wounds on the skin because of their destructive behavior. Severe injuries can cause fever in the bird and can cause untimely death.

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If your Cockatiel’s pair dies, it can cause great sadness to your Cockatiel. They will start to get depressed and show symptoms of loneliness. Please ensure to pay lots of attention to your Cockatiel when its mate dies. You can also get another Cockatiel if you do not want your Cockatiel to be lonely.


Q. How do I keep my Cockatiel less lonely?

A. You can keep your Cockatiel less lonely by providing a spacious cage for them to fly around. A confined space can make them bored and lonely quickly. Cockatiels need room to stretch their wings and fly. 

You can also arrange for more toys and perches to let them hang around freely. 

Q. Will my Cockatiel have night frights because of loneliness? 

A. Yes, Cockatiels sometimes have a ‘night fright’ syndrome. They may helplessly fly in their cages because of a sudden light or sound in the middle of the night. 

Keep a low-lit lamp near your Cockatiel, or keep out all the light from his room. It will ensure some calmness in him. 

Wrapping it up

Cockatiels need companionship and are not advisable to be left all alone by themselves. Keep Cockatiels in pairs if you intend to give less attention to your pets. If you want to keep only one, we advise you to please keep your Cockatiel lots of attention and the company he needs.