Can Rabbits Eat Snap Peas

Can Rabbits Eat Snap Peas?

Snap peas are peas that are like your typical peas but with a twist. The twist is that majority of them are sweet. They are not harmful in any manner and they are very nutritious for both ourselves as well as our rabbits.

Are they any good to feed to my rabbit? This question might be one of many asked by a new rabbit owner. This article will cover snap peas in general, how they are good or bad for your rabbit and how you can feed them. So, let’s get into it.

Can rabbits eat snap peas?

In one simple word the answer is yes. They actually might like the taste after eating a few. Snap peas generally have a sweet taste, and they contain a considerable amount of sugar. They are suitable for rabbits, but up to a certain level. So snap peas are ideal for your rabbit when offered as a treat rather than making it as its meal for the time being.

So, should one give snap peas to the rabbits throughout the day? No, as quantity also plays a vital role in maintaining body size and weight. Giving excess amont of snap peas might endanger your rabbit friend.

What is the right quantity of snap peas I can give to my rabbit?

The recommended dosage for snap peas is that only one pea is given per 4 pounds of body weight, but, if you are unaware of your rabbit’s weight, try to weigh it at a nearby vet’s clinic. For a full-grown adult rabbit, two teaspoons of snap peas will be more than enough for a day.

The snap peas should be given fresh, green, or immature. The reason for feeding them these immature snap peas is that when the peas are small, it is much easier for the rabbit to digest and swallow it.

Avoid the dried ones, as they may become a choking hazard for your rabbit. You can also feed the rabbit the pods the snap peas rather than providing them the whole thing.

For a healthy and nutritious rabbit life, try to feed your rabbit snap peas along with some green leafy vegetables. As mentioned before, you need to ensure that you only feed them fresh once and in a small amount.

To feed them, start by washing them under running water to eliminate chemicals that may still be present on the pea’s surface.

Also, try to mix up their diet as the benefits of a varied diet are much greater than those of a fixed one. You can include Brussels sprouts, Mustard Greens, or green pods while feeding them.

How do I start feeding snap peas to the rabbit?

When introducing your rabbit to snap peas for the first time, please give him a small amount and wait for his or her reaction. Remember that rabbits are different, and each has their personalities and characteristics, so their response will differ. So feed your rabbits snap peas based on their reaction to it almost after 24 hours stop.

While introducing them to snap peas for the first time, please avoid feeding them any other treats during that day as the sugar content of snap peas is relatively high for a rabbit.

After introducing them to snap peas, check them for any signs of an upset stomach, and if they have an upset stomach, please stop feeding them the snap peas, as they may be allergic to it. If they are okay with it, try increasing the quantity a little by little over an interval of time.

What are the nutritional benefits that my rabbit will gain from eating snap peas?

Snap peas have a considerable amount of sugar present in them. They are safe for rabbits, but to a certain quantity, so it is safe if snap peas are given only as a treat.

Snap peas are nutritious for rabbits as they contain carbs, protein and vitamins, and minerals like calcium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. All these nutrients are essential to human beings and, at the same time, are critical to rabbits.

These nutrients are very much a boon for them as they acquire a large variety of nutrients. Thus, making it one of the healthiest treats that your rabbit can eat.

Are there any health risks related to feeding them snap peas? If so, what are they?

As discussed before, every rabbit is different in its way. Some might be allergic to a sure thing, whereas another one might like it. So, the reaction towards snap peas by your rabbit is all the more unique to itself.

The most common allergic reaction to snap peas is diarrhea. You must introduce them to snap peas properly as excessive amounts and an improper introduction to snap peas can cause diarrhea or other intestinal upsets.

What if my rabbit Doesn’t Eat Snap Peas?

Rabbits are unique in their way and have their personalities. They too have food preferences of their own. Some rabbits will consume the snap peas like there is no tomorrow and might even look at you, curious to know if the second round of it might come. On the other hand, some rabbits are going to sniff at a snap pea, after which they move away from it and completely disregard the snap pea.

Suppose your rabbit likes that; congrats, you’ve found your rabbit’s potential new favorite. Still, if your bunny doesn’t like snap peas, don’t fret about it or be shocked. As long as you know that their intake is adequate, it is not a problem. In this case, find them the food they need or prefer.


We can conclude that one can safely feed their rabbits some snap peas as a treat but only as a treat. Remember that excess of snap peas can lead to some issues along the way. You can also try and add these snap peas into a mix of green leafy veggies to increase the nutritional benefit. Snap peas are suitable for your rabbit, so you can confidently feed snap peas to them.

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