Can Rabbits eat Bell Peppers

Can Rabbits Eat Bell Peppers? Lets find out!

Having a pet for the first time can be an overwhelming feeling. But at the same time, for some, it brings anxiety, chaos, and stress. But with the right amount of knowledge, you can turn that feeling into joy and positivity.  

Rabbits are great pets for beginners who are looking for something small and easy to take care of. They are fluffy, fun to play with, and have a minimum non-complex diet. However, you must be careful not to feed them anything they can’t handle.

 To save you the trouble, we have answered everything you want to know about feeding your Rabbits bell peppers. It will include what to provide to your rabbit, how much, and the health benefits of Bell pepper.

Can  Rabbits eat Bell Peppers?

In three words- YES, YOU CAN. It is perfectly safe to feed your bunny bell peppers (red, green, yellow). Bell peppers are flavorsome, high in nutrition, and a delicious treat for your rabbit.

Rabbit diet usually doesn’t include vitamins, but thanks to this colorful vegetable, it is not only a great snack but a healthy choice for your bunny.  However, you must not overfeed or include too much bell pepper. Always provide an overall balanced diet to your bunny friend.

Health benefits of bell pepper

Bell peppers are great vegetables to feed to your rabbit as they are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and, Omega-3& 6- fatty acids. Vitamins provide clear vision, healthy teeth, keeping their muscles supple. They help in reducing the chances of cancer and arthritis in older rabbits.

You must include not just one variety but also a mix of all three (red, yellow & green). It would provide the perfect amount of nutritions your bunny needs to be strong and healthy.

How much bell pepper should I feed?

Because your fluffy friend loves eating bell pepper, I shouldn’t be the only thing you are feeding it. Rabbits, just like humans, need an overall healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The portion size of the bell pepper in your rabbit’s diet is crucial. It must be given according to the weight and size of the rabbit—over-feeding and causing obesity and, in some cases, death.

It is essential to contact your vet if you are unsure about the weight. Usually, an adult rabbit requires two tablespoons in a day, including fresh fruits, hay, and bell pepper.

Can I feed my rabbits jalapeno pepper?

Can i feed my rabbit jalapeno pepper

No. Even though rabbits love to munch the thick skin of vegetables, you must not feed your rabbit jalapeno pepper under any circumstances. The hot and spicy nature of the pepper causes discomfort like gastric upset and inflammation in the stomach. As bunnies are incapable of spitting out the food, it passes through their intestine, giving the rabbit pain and discomfort.

Can I feed Pepper Seeds, leaves, and Cores?

When it comes to seeds and cores, they don’t add any nutritional value to the rabbit’s diet. In fact, they can cause more significant harm than good. For example, the cores are not edible, resulting in blockage and adverse effects on your rabbit’s health. The same goes for the seeds as well.  It’s best to remove them before giving your bunny some fresh bell peppers.

Are There Any Health Risks Related to Feeding them Bell peppers? If so, what are they?

Now coming to the part of feeding pepper leaves. Most animals don’t find bell pepper leaves edible and consider it toxic due to its growth in dark conditions. You must not provide pepper leaves to your rabbi as it may make them sick. Just like us, bunnies also have different digestive processes. Some might not get sick, while others might be allergic to it altogether.

In rabbits, the most common symptoms of eating the wrong food are diarrhea. Bell peppers don’t possess any such threat to the rabbits. But one must keep in mind the following things before feeding your rabbit bell peppers:

  • Always ensure they are fresh.
  • Don’t feed seeds or cores.
  • Diet shouldn’t alone consist of bell pepper but overall fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t overfeed them.
  • Don’t feed them Jalapeno pepper.

Can I Feed My Rabbit Cooked Peppers?

It is a common question among the bunny owners. Because people feed their dog the same food they eat, it is easy to presume the same can be done to the bunny.

Always ensure to feed your bunny fresh and uncooked meals. Unlike us, they have a delicate digestive system. Rabbits are herbivores by nature. Their digestive system allows only fresh fruits and vegetables and not cooked food.

You must always avoid giving them spiky food, thinking that they are tired of eating bland veggies because this is certainly not the case. They enjoy eating crunchy fresh vegetables, which provide them with nutrition. Cooking food often removes necessary nutrition, and feeding them that food would be pointless.


Bunnies are fantastic pets to have. They take up a small space and are fun to play with. But just like their size, they are fragile and easy to get sick. The most common sickness is related to the digestive system. Feeding them seeds & cores, cooked food, jalapeno pepper would result in diarrhea and blockage.

Those small creatures rely and are highly dependent on you. As their owner, you must care for them and provide them with the best possible food. It is advisable to check your bunny’s overall health month to ensure that your fluffy friend is healthy and happy. Before introducing anything new, do your comprehensive research and give just a bit size to test if he is ok eating it or not.

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