Can Perfume Kill Budgies?

Perfume is a tricky thing. It smells great, but can it kill your pet?

We all know that perfume smells good and makes us feel confident, but what about our pets?

Can they be harmed by the chemicals in perfume?

Birds are especially sensitive to these chemicals which can lead to respiratory problems or even death if exposed for too long.

If you want to wear perfume around your bird, make sure you apply it outdoors so the fumes don’t linger inside and wait until after applying before coming back into the house with your pet.

In this article, I am going to discuss all the important points mainly how perfume can be harmful to pets.

Is Perfume Toxic To Budgies?

Perfume contains alcohol and essential oils which are toxic to birds. This includes cologne or other scented products like lotion, soap, shampoo, etc. Let’s understand them better

Essential Oils

It contains compounds that may be toxic or cause an allergic reaction. It is a good idea to keep your bird away from anything with essential oils, especially if it is hot.


Birds have a high metabolism rate which means that just a little bit of alcohol can go a long way in harming them so it is best to avoid perfume containing any type of beverage.

Alcohol is extremely flammable and inhalation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Birds have very sensitive respiratory systems so it’s not recommended to let your budgie inhale the fumes from perfume or anything else containing alcohol.

Is Cologne Bad For Budgies?

Cologne is the same as perfume. It’s dangerous for your budgie to inhale, so don’t wear it around your pet bird. Let’s understand them better-

Sensitive Lungs

Birds have sensitive respiratory systems so it’s important to avoid anything that could harm them. That includes perfume, cologne, aftershave, and other scented products.

It’s important to keep your bird away from any aerosol or chemical sprays as well. If you’ve recently used a spray product in your home, let it clear out before putting your bird back inside.


Birds are small creatures, so it only takes a little bit of these products to affect them. It’s not recommended to have any aerosols or chemical sprays in the house with an avian pet around.

If you’ve used any sprays recently, let them clear out before bringing your bird back inside.

Airborne toxins affect all birds, regardless of their size. If you use any chemical sprays in the house, make sure your bird is out of the room before spraying and let it clear out before bringing your pet back inside.

Can I Wear Perfume Around My Bird?

No – The fumes won’t kill your budgie instantly but over time they will lead to respiratory issues and problems. It’s a good idea to apply perfume outside or wait until after you come home to put it on before going back inside your house with your bird.

Apply The Perfume Outdoors

Ideally, applying perfume outdoors is best for both you and your pet. That way the fumes from the product aren’t lingering inside the house and your pet doesn’t have to breathe them in. Just remember that you’re likely going to want to apply a little bit more than just a spritz or two, so make sure you do it before coming back indoors with your bird.

Let The Perfume Sit Before Coming Home

You should also wait for a while after applying the perfume before going back inside with your bird. That way the fumes don’t linger in the air and make their way into your home. Alternatively, if you apply it out of view from your bird, they may not even notice!

Change As Soon As You Get Home

If you do wear perfume around your pet bird, make sure you change your clothes as soon as possible when coming home. That way any leftover fragrance won’t be hanging around and could still harm your bird.

Do I Have To Stop Wearing Perfume?

You don’t have to give up using perfume entirely, just remember that it isn’t good for you or your bird. Try to apply it as far away from your bird as possible and make sure you let any lingering fragrance dissipate before going back inside!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is cologne bad for birds?

Yes, it is. Birds are very sensitive to any scented products.

Q: Is perfume bad for birds?

Yes, it is. Avoid using any perfumes around your bird or change your clothes before entering the house with your pet.

Q: Can I use aerosols in my home if I have a bird?

No, it’s not a good idea. Aerosols can be harmful to birds and also could cause serious respiratory problems. It would be better to avoid aerosol products in the house with your bird pet.

Q: Can I use perfume without hurting my budgie?

No, you should not use it around your bird. Perfume and cologne contain alcohol and other ingredients that can be dangerous for birds and even cause serious health problems for them.

Q: What about air fresheners, are they ok to use in the house?

No, you should not use any chemicals or aerosol sprays inside with your pet bird. It’s better to avoid those products and use a safe alternative instead.

Q: Where can I buy pet bird-safe perfume?

You can’t! The ingredients in perfumes are very toxic, so it’s best you don’t apply any near your pet or inside your house. You should always remember that birds are very sensitive to chemicals and other scented products.

Q: Can I use perfume if my bird is outdoors?

No, it’s not recommended. You should avoid using perfumes around your bird no matter where it is. Make sure you apply the perfume before entering the house and let it dry first, so there are no lingering fumes that could harm your budgie.

In Summary

There are some ways you can make sure your budgie stays safe around perfume. First off, don’t wear any perfumes in the house at all (even if they’re not near your bird).

Secondly, when you do wear perfume outside of the house make sure you apply it before coming home so that there’s time for the scent to dissipate before entering your home with your bird inside.

Finally, change your clothes as soon as you get home so that any scents don’t linger on the fabric.