Can Parrots Eat Raisins?

Generally, birds eat a lot of different vegetables and fruits, and they are right for them. In particular, parrots are more social in their eating habits, and they eat the same as humans. Thus, it is essential to check if what they want to eat is right for them or not.

After all, some vegetables and fruits may not suit their digestive ability well or harm their overall health. While parrots are very picky about what they eat, they cannot know what is right for them and how much. Plus, some such differences are present among the different parrot types too. Wild parrots are more aware of what they should not eat from experience. Captive parrots, on the other hand, do not have similar experiences and may eat something hurtful without knowledge.

You should know what is safe to feed them and their effects. In this article, you would get a better idea of this regarding raisins.

Can parrots consume raisins?

Yes, parrots can quickly eat raisins, but it is essential to give them moderation. This is because this food item has high sugar content. Among them, you should know what type is right too. For example, organically grown dried raisins are more healthy compared to boxed raisins. The latter is full of added sodium and sugar, and that is more damaging.

When you are feeding dried raisins to them, make sure that it was not dried with sulfur. Sure, the quantities are slight, but they can still harm your pet bird.

Nutritional Benefits

There are some specific benefits of raisins for parrots nutritionally.

  • Potassium

Potassium has many benefits for parrots, and raisins have high amounts of it. These nutrients allow lesser chances of strokes, lowers blood pressure and mortality rate. Indeed, older parrots are more prone to noticing these problems; thus, raisins help them.

  • Vitamin B

The Vitamin B complex is perfect for parrots, and raisins are full of that. Some of its sound health effects include the repair and growth of red blood cell count, good health of cells, etc.

  • Sugar

Sugar is good for energy increase, and parrots find an advantage to it. Yet, too much sugar is not suitable for parrots. Therefore, you should only give raisins to them a few times per week.

Risks of raisins for parrots

There are some risks of feeding raisins to parrots. Some of them are as follows.

  • Hard to digest

Regular raisins are not suitable for proper digestion in parrots. Thus, you need to boil them in hot water to make them softer. That makes it easier for them to swallow and digest.

  • High sugar content

The high sugar content in raisins is a big red flag. So, it is essential to give this in small quantities only. Otherwise, that can seriously hurt the parrots.

  • Dried with sulfur

Some fruits come in dried format, but they are done so using sulfur. This is not good for their health, even if there are only trace amounts. They can still harm the parrots, and you should not give sulfur-dried raisins to them.

  • Boxed raisins

Boxed raisins hold extra sugars and sodium. Both are not good for parrots, so you should avoid feeding this to them. Instead, opt for organic options from the store only.

  • Salty raisins

It is essential to feed parrots only food items that do not have salt or sugar. Salty raisins, for example, have these, so they are risky for them. To better understand how much is allowed, there are nutritional charts for birds available. You should check them to know how much is acceptable.

How to feed raisins?

When you buy foods suitable for your pets, three things you want are low cost, availability, and nutritional content. On all of these fronts, raisins are the right choice. Thus, you can choose it for your pet parrot.

 Yet, you cannot only add it directly to their food bowl. You have to prepare them in the right manner to feed it to them. Some ways in which and reasons for why you can feed raisins to your pet bird are:

  • When birds have blood or heart issues, it is good to add raisins to their diet. They have high potassium content and Vitamin B content. They are suitable for the growth and maintenance of blood pressure, red blood cells, and overall heart health. Feed it to them in boiled form only.
  • The parrots are highly intelligent creatures, and their food should stimulate their mental health too. Thus, they have some particular preferences for food, and they are smart about recognizing something they do not like. This refers to the texture, flavors, and colors, and parrots like variety in them. Thus, when you feed raisins, feel it with added food items of different colors and texture. Worry about taste too.
  • Do not only add raisins to their diet. Alternate with other food types like bird treats, seeds, and nuts. It would help if you occasionally gave raisins so that they do not grow a distaste for it. While sugar is a concern here, their interest is another factor to consider.

Are raisin toasts okay?

One of the forms of raisin-related food popular around the world is raisin toasts. While it is good to experiment with textures and flavors for parrots occasionally, giving them raisin toasts is not. After all, the bread form is not safe for parrots to eat, mostly every day.

Another reason why you should give raisins toasts a miss is that it is full of sugar. Regular raisins hold other nutrients too, so it is okay to feed that to them. However, there are no nutritional benefits of eating raisin toast, only the drawbacks. Of course, you can give this to them as a treat, but it is best to do so very rarely.


Thus, you can add raisins to a parrot’s diet, which would not give them too many health problems. Instead, they are suitable for their health. However, you should maintain quantity control when feeding raisins and keep watch for symptoms. You should contact a veterinarian quickly if they fall ill after eating raisins.

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