Can Parrots Eat Chicken? (Also Risk of Feeding)

Yes, parrots can eat chicken along with other types of meat, but only in small amounts. These foods can be a great source of protein. When feeding chicken, it’s important to limit it to small amounts and not share such all the time.         

How Much Should I Feed It?

While feeding your Parrot some chicken, make sure that you give your Parrot the chicken in moderation.

Here moderation means that you provide it once time per day. The preferred option is to feed your Parrot the chicken as a treat that it can enjoy once every week or during the weekend for a balanced diet.

Please remember that they should not eat it in large proportions as it may cause some digestive issues.

There are many methods that you can prepare chicken that is very healthy and nutritional for your winged companion.

As mentioned before, the recommendation is that you did not give the fried chicken to your Parrot as the greasy coating of the chicken might be bad for the Parrot.

In contrast, raw chicken is okay to give, but look out for their reaction to the cooked chicken, as some may respond positively, whereas other parrots might not take a liking to it.

By eating chicken, parrots gain healthy bones; the chicken also helps with stress and boosts their immunity.

Since it is high in protein, your Parrot will have a better immune system. This protein combination from the chickens and the antioxidants from green leafy vegetables will lead to a happier and healthier life.

When parrots eat meat or chicken, they take out the protein-packed bone marrow and the meaty sections of the chicken piece, like us, and they will not eat the bone; this behavior is similar to human beings.

The only defect of parrots eating chicken will be that they usually do not eat a diet with cholesterol, meaning that a parrot eats large proportions of meat or chicken.

Having cholesterol might cause some problems like upsetting their stomach or may cause some complications, which you can understand by visiting the vet.

How Do I Start Feeding Chicken to Parrots?

Introductions must be sweet and subtle, meaning that your Parrot must enjoy the first encounter that it has while eating chicken for the first time. So, you must introduce your Parrot to chicken in small steps.

First, try feeding it for one day and look for their reaction, as some parrots may have different responses to the chicken.

The recommendation is that you monitor your Parrot for a whole day. The Parrot may show signs of allergies or show signs of an upset stomach or diarrhea symptoms, as they are the typical allergic reactions.

If your winged companion shows any other characters, it is best to consult your nearby vet to find the reason for that particular reaction.

Benefits of Feeding your parrot with Chicken Meat

As mentioned before, feeding parrots chicken is perfectly fine and highly nutritious only if given in moderation. The chicken contains Sodium, Potassium, vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin D, cobalamin, Vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B6, and Magnesium.

Risk of Feeding your parrot with Chicken Meat

Remember that all parrots are different and have different reactions to eating chicken, meaning that they might have specific eating chicken responses. The main common problem will be the cholesterol level which is a higher level for a parrot.


You can safely feed your Parrot some chicken; it is a perfectly safe food item when provided in moderation, meaning that you can feed it as a treat. It is nutritious for your winged friend. Even though, sometimes, they might not like the taste of the chicken and might not like it, if so, there are many other treats that your Parrot might enjoy.

So, you can be sure that you can safely feed your Parrot some chicken. So, why don’t you try giving your Parrot some chicken today?