Can Parrots Eat Cheese? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Can Parrots Eat Cheese?

The answer to this question is Yes and at the same time no. This means that it is okay to feed your parrot cheese, it is not toxic but at the same time, it is not at all healthy. So if you are going to feed cheese to your bird, keep it to a minimum.

Could I give it weekly? – No, never give Cheese to your parrots weekly, as it may cause some stomach problems.

How much cheese can parrots eat?

If you feed your Parrot some cheese, please make sure that you only provide a small amount over a more extended period.

If you were to feed it weekly, expect some surprises as Cheese is not a part of their diet.

Remember that milk is the main creating ingredient while making Cheese. Milk contains a chemical compound named lactose, which is not a parrot’s diet, as their stomachs do not have the chemicals that break down lactose into simpler particles.

In a simple sentence, excess feeding can lead to indigestion.

If you are wondering why parrots are lactose intolerant? Remember that parrots do not grow up by drinking their parents’ milk, so they do not have the enzymes that breakdown the lactose.

Secondly, milk contains bacteria; it harbors it. For humans, these bacteria help us become strong and sometimes even help us gain strength. But these work adversely against parrots.

This problem might lead to some digestive issues like diarrhea or some other stomach related issues.

Another major factor that might be detrimental to your winged companion’s development is the high-fat concentration present in all dairy products alike.

This high-fat concentration might help the Parrot in weight gain or inverse; it might be deadly in another sense.

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Lastly, Cheese also contains high amounts of calcium and sodium that could become detrimental for your Parrot. Also, there is no recommended dosage to give your Parrot.

One advice will be to look for Cheese that is having a lesser lactose concentration; for example, swiss Cheese, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, or feta cheese, or even the Cheese made from goat’s milk are renowned for being low in lactose.

Otherwise, you can avoid feeding Cheese to your Parrot if you are thinking about whether or not to provide the Parrot.

Remember, many other suitable replacements for Cheese that are much healthier for your Parrots, like fruits and veggies or nuts or grains, are much better for your Parrot.

How Do I Start Feeding Cheese to Parrots?

When introducing your Parrot to Cheese for the first time, offer him a small amount of Cheese at the start and then wait for their response.

Bear in mind that parrots are distinct, and each one has its characteristics and attributes, so their reaction can vary. So feed your parrots Cheese after about 24 hours, depending on their response to it.

Can Parrots Eat Cheese

Watch them for any symptoms of such an upset tummy since exposing them to Cheese, and if they do have an upset stomach, kindly stop feeding them with Cheese, as they are not able to deal with it.

But if you’re going to provide it, restrict the volume and feed it once every month if you are doing so.

Nutritional Benefits

By feeding your parrots cheese, the nutritional benefits that your parrot gains from it are a bit on the low when compared to the recommended food that you should feed your Parrot.

They do gain Calcium, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Vitamin K, and some other nutrients and minerals in small quantities.

Please do remember that your Parrot can absorb not all the nutrients. This problem is that parrots do not eat Cheese in their diet, making Cheese a type of past edible in-between months.

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Health Risks Related to Feeding Them Cheese?

As discussed before, there are a considerable number of defects that come with feeding your Parrot some cheese.

Some of the major ones include stomach ache, diarrhea, and, in some instances, might cause deadly issues that your Parrot might not be able to cope with it.

So, make sure that if you are feeding your Parrot some cheese, to give it in minimal amounts, a pinch will be more than enough, and make sure to provide it over a long period.

What if my Parrot Doesn’t Eat Cheese?

If your Parrot eats Cheese, as repeated repeatedly in this article, to feed it in a small quantity and moderation.

There will be two outcomes to your adventure into the void, one being that your Parrot likes the Cheese so much that they might start demanding for seconds or even thirds.

But, if this scenario occurs, please do not get carried away and feed your Parrot to its heart’s content, as it is not that great for their body.

The other reaction will be that they will not care for the Cheese that you will present.

Remember that just like humans, animals, including parrots, are unique in their ways, meaning that they will have their preferences and choices regarding food. Otherwise, the Parrot might already have previous experience with eating Cheese, which may or may not has caused some issues for them.


You can safely feed your Parrot some cheese, but in moderation and minimal quantities, as the number of disadvantages outweighs the advantages that it gains.