Can Parrots Eat Cabbage? Everything You Need to Know!

Yes, parrots can eat cabbage. These birds even enjoy munching on them. The nutritious vegetable will keep them healthy and satiated. So don’t shy away from adding cabbage to your pet’s meal plan.

However, there is one recommendation. If your parrot has low calcium, it is better to serve the cabbage in moderation because of oxalic acid found in the veggie.

This substance makes calcium processing difficult for these birds. Instead, make sure to include balanced, calcium-rich meals in your pet’s diet.

Is it okay to feed raw cabbage to parrots?

Yes, it is absolutely okay to feed raw cabbage to your pet. Birds are usually not particular about eating cooked meals. Besides, parrots enjoy the crunch sound while nibbling on the raw food. So cut the cabbage into small portions and serve to your pet.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t try out variations. Cooking a cabbage can boost its flavor profile, and your pet may love that new taste.

Cooking is even an excellent choice to remove traces of oxalic acid if your bird is calcium deficient.

You can cook or steam cabbage to check if your bird is readily accepting the variation to their meal.

However, make sure to lightly cook the veggie without adding garlic or onions for flavoring. Also, feed cooked preparation only once in a while.

Can parrots eat purple cabbage?

Yes, parrots can eat purple cabbage without any fear. In fact, you can also feed them other colored cabbages. Today, there are around 350 varieties of cabbage available in the market. So you can pick any of them.

You can also make a colorful bowl of meal for your pet by mixing cabbage of different shades.

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This vibrant food bowl will attract the playful parrots as they will love to nibble on the cabbage. It is an ideal trick if your pet is fussy about the food.

So rush to the nearby store and grab two or three varieties of cabbage for your pet’s next meal!

When to avoid giving cabbage to parrots?

During the breeding season, your pet will require a sufficient amount of calcium in the body. Since cabbage contains a small amount of a naturally occurring chemical called oxalic acid, it affects the calcium absorption system in the bird’s body. So, it is better to remove or reduce the serving portion of cabbage at this time.

Moreover, calcium is the most prevailing mineral in the parrot’s body, making up over 1.5% of its total body weight. Thus, avoid feeding cabbage to your pet if they have low calcium in the body.

Tips for feeding cabbage to your pet parrot sufficiently

Adhere to these vital tips if you want to feed cabbage to your feathery friend. This way, you can keep them healthy too.

  • Consult a vet to know whether your pet has a calcium deficiency before adding cabbage to the bird’s diet.
  • Only buy organic cabbage from your nearby grocery store.
  • Only chop cabbage when it is their mealtime. It allows the vegetable to stay fresh for over a week.
  • Wash the cabbage thoroughly before serving to remove pesticides from the peel. You can also consider soaking it for about 20 minutes in water and baking soda solution to remove the toxic chemicals well.
  • Is your parrot picky about eating cabbage? Chop and blend it with its other favorite food items. It will allow your pet to get accustomed to the taste of cabbage as well.
  • Make sure to create a well-balanced eating regime for your pet. Apart from cabbage and other veggies, you must also feed fruits, seeds, and some store-bought parrot food for providing it a perfectly balanced meal.

Can I feed cabbage roll to my parrot?

No, it is generally not safe to feed cabbage roll to parrots. These rolls can consist of a range of ingredients, such as garlic, ginger, tomato sauce, sugar, and other harmful seasonings that aren’t good for birds’ consumption.

In a nutshell, every other human meal won’t be suitable for parrots. So refrain from giving cabbage rolls to your pet.

What is the nutritional value of cabbage for parrots?

Cabbage is rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes it a healthy food for your pet. After knowing the nutritional value of this vegetable for parrots, you won’t think can parrots eat cabbage again.

Check out the health benefits of eating cabbage.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C content in cabbage is ideal for improving the immunity system of your parrot. It will make them strong enough to stay safe from various diseases.


Parrots are active birds, so the manganese found in the cabbage will keep their bones and muscles strong. Besides, it keeps their reproduction system healthy.


Rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene and lutein, cabbage stimulates the digestive system of parrots. They eliminate the toxins from their body. So don’t hesitate to feed them cabbage.

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The presence of copper in cabbage can boost the beauty of their feathers, keeping them colorful and shiny. By eating this green vegetable, your parrot will also not face health issues like amino acid deficiency and egg deformity.


If your bird is not calcium deficient or not laying eggs, no need to think twice can parrots eat cabbage? You are free to feed cabbage to your dear pet. This green veggie deserves to be a part of your pet’s dietary plan.

Giving raw vegetables to a parrot is a typical food option for any bird owner because birds find them palatable to eat. Feeding their favorite food will even increase the pet’s love for you. So, don’t forget to serve your parrot only fresh cabbage.