Can Parrots Eat Acorns? Everything You Need to Know!

No. In short, you should never feed acorns to your parrot because they are poisonous and can harm the health of your feathered friend.

Usually, parrots are very activity-loving creatures and they can pretty much consume what you consume daily in its raw format. They can be vegetables, fruits, and other daily consumable items.

When a parrot is domesticated there shouldn’t be many changes in the diet of the bird. Parrots can eat most foods without an issue. But some of them are injurious to their health and acorn is one such food.

Sometimes we get a little creative with the choice of foods for our pets and we intend to try out different foods. Acorns are not supposed to be one of them because they are really harmful for consumption to your bird.

Are nuts safe for the consumption of parrots?

Yes. Nuts are usually safe for your parrots to eat. You can add them to their eating plan. But the choice of nut is questionable. 

There are a whole lot of choices when it comes to choosing from nuts for the consumption of your feathery friend the parrot. They can consume cashew, macadamia nuts. pistachio, and walnuts with ease. 

In fact, vets advise in favor of incorporating nuts in the diet of parrots whether they are domesticated or wild ones.

Also, nuts are a great tool for training your parrot. They can be used as a treat to incorporate positive actions in your bird.

Is acorn a good diet for your bird?

There are certain wild birds that can eat acorns without a problem. But some birds such as a parrot cannot eat it. This is the popular opinion though.

There are certain indifferences to the debate of Can parrots eat acorns topic. Parrots can eat acorns is suggested by some. While the people on the other side have the opinion that these pet parrot owners may not have done proper research.

It was believed that a popular toxin present in acorns namely tannin is harmful to parrots and hence, acorns should not be fed to birds.

Later on, experts have given the opinion that it is not safe for parrots to consume acorns. Thus ending the debate Can parrots eat acorns?

If we look at other birds, then woodpeckers, crows, and jays do not have a problem eating acorns at all. Domesticated birds should refrain from eating acorns.

What should be the diet of a pet parrot?

Instead of searching whether your parrot can eat individual foods, You can just search for a list of foods that is safe for consumption for your bird.

Other foods that your parrot can eat

There are a whole lot of daily household foods that your feathered friend has the perfect ability to digest and gain nutrition out of it. Here are a few-

Foods not good for your parrots

Just like there are foods that your parrot should eat, there are also foods that are harmful for their consumption. The list of such foods are as follows-

  • Acorns
  • Almonds
  • Fried foods
  • Junk foods
  • Salty food
  • Sugary food
  • Apricot
  • Peach seed

Can parrots eat commercial seed mixes?

Just like can parrots eat acorns is a pressing question. Similarly, people ask if parrots can eat commercial seed mixes. The short answer is yes!

Commercial seed mixes contain mainly sunflower seeds, which have a very high-fat content. It is generally okay for your parrot’s consumption. There are a lot of commercial seed mixes available for the healthy consumption of your bird.

But too much seed consumption can prove to be fatal for the bird’s health. Ideally, the bird shouldn’t be given more than a dozen seeds for consumption. Cheap seed mixes are not ideal for parrots because they do not provide the proper nutrition. But it is okay to give them in moderation. 

Is supplement a good idea for parrots?

Yes you can feed your bird supplements. But remember not all birds are the same and the consumption of supplements differs from one bird to another. 

Supplements such as probiotics, calcium, vitamins, and other minerals are okay to be given to a parrot and are also quite encouraged by vets. But the diet consumption also remains an important question.

According to vets, you should only feed your bird with health supplements only if they lack the nutrition in their regular diet. For example, if a bird is fairly regular with vegetables and fruits then vitamin supplements might not be needed for that bird compared to the one which is on a more protein-rich diet.

Vets are of the opinion that if a bird is consuming leafy greens, then there is no need for health supplements for that bird. 

What beverages suit the diet of a parrot?

Parrots usually intake water as their main source of drink. The source of the water differs from wild birds to domesticated ones.

Wild parrots usually drink water from anywhere but domesticated ones usually need water from a healthy source such as your home tap water or spring water. There ate some breeders who add apple cider vinegar to the water of the birds for just a better taste.


Parrots are really friendly birds that can eat a lot of things. Acorn isn’t just one of them. The direct substitute for acorns can be walnuts or macadamia nuts. These nuts are highly nutritious and should work as good replacements for acorns.

Though eating nuts is healthy for parrots, their consumption should be in check because nuts usually have a high-fat content. Domesticated birds do not fly much and hence it might become a problem for them to lose the excess fat.

Parrots can also eat regular household food items such as vegetables and fruits. In fact, vets severely encourage a mixed diet for parrots. Supplements and commercial seed mixes are also dietary options for parrots in moderation.