Can Leopard Geckos swim

Can Leopard Geckos swim? ( Should they avoid water & Swimming )

Do you think it will be a great thing to add a poolside disc to your leopard geckos house? Are you confused if they can swim or not? Whether it will like the pool thing or not? What if they should avoid water and you didn’t know that before? Well. Leopard geckos can survive in water.

Wait, their ability to survive in water doesn’t conclude that they enjoy it there. There is no such point in avoiding water or swimming for your beloved, but the problem is that leopard geckos don’t like to stay in the water as such. Swimming is a necessary survival skill for leopard geckos, so if you put them in a pool, they will swim to the dry land. They don’t like water.

Possibilities of drowning underwater

As mentioned before, they can survive in water, but water is not where they want to live or stay for a while. It will be better to say that leopard Geckos hate being inside the water and swimming. The same goes for when you want them to bathe. You can soak them, and there is nothing to worry about it but not for very long.

Leopard Geckos do not swim their ability to float keeps them alive in the water. You have to remember that your pet is not an aquatic reptile. Water can be dangerous to them; actually, it is dangerous for them. When leopard geckos dive into any pool, they like to float on the upper surface of it. They have to hold their breath underwater to flow, which is very dangerous because they can’t keep it long. If they don’t get out of the water quickly, they might drown in there.

The way leopard geckos swim

They don’t swim but float with the hydrophobic skin that helps them float while resisting the water. The only time you can see a leopard Gecko swim is when you suspect any danger; it pushes itself forward with its tail. Geckos belong to the lizard family, so swimming is an essential survival skill for them and nothing else. They never enjoy the water. You can call them an instinctive swimmer because they only swim when they instinct danger.

If they seem to be in danger, they will jump into the pool if there is any. The way they swim seems like walking on land. If you see a leopard gecko swimming, it’s nothing pleasure but sad because they are scared. Staying underwater for a while not only increases the risk of drowning, but it also affects them mentally.

It is not easy for them to swim across a pool that is too long. You can force the leopard geckos to swim, but it could lead them to stress. If anything goes wrong, they might drown or not sometimes survive as their ability to hold breath is not enough.

Things that could happen if you force a Leopard Gecko to swim

All geckos can swim, but they hate to do it. Leopard Gecko is no expectation. If you have a plan to bathe your leopard, you can, but if you plan to force them to swim, then stop. Here are things that can happen if you push a leopard gecko to swim

• Ruin their mental state with stress

 Leopard geckos are instinctive swimmers, which means the instinct of something dangerous around makes them swim to escape the predator. It is scary for them. If you force them, they will surely jump into the pool frequently but with fear. The fear of their life being in danger will stress them.

• High risk of drowning and death

 As mentioned before, leopard geckos don’t swim; they mostly float on water because their skin can resist the water. But when they feel threatened, they swim underwater, which requires them to hold their breath. Leopard geckos are bad at keeping the breath for a while. If they don’t find the shore quickly, they will drown in the pool. It could lead them to death. There is no doubt that you won’t want your loved one to die, so don’t force them.

Never bond with the owner

 When you force them to swim, they get scared of you. They start to think that you are a threat to them and need to stay away from you. They will feel that their life is at stake when you are near, and it will break your bond. It is better to say that forcing them to swim will resist them from bonding with you.

Times when Leopard Geckos need water

Even though putting them in water is not a good idea and they hate swimming, but there are times when they need water. It will be better to say that they have a love-hate relationship with water. They cannot survive without water.

Leopard geckos need to stay hydrated to keep their body’s moisture; lack of hydration can lead them to death. They mostly get their needed hydration from their food, i.e., insects. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need water. Sometimes the insects you feed your gecko with do not have enough moisture. Lack of juice from the food can leave your pet dehydrated; that’s when they require water. But don’t forget to change their water disc, freshwater is what they drink.

Leopard Geckos shed its skin after certain times. They become uncomfortable when they can’t scratch the skin down; it irritates them. They are smart enough to know that if they soak their body in water, it will make the skin soft. Moisture makes shedding easy for them. If you find your leopard struggling with the shed, help them with water. Even though putting them in the pool is still a bad idea. You can always spray water on them but make sure it is not a harsh spray but a mild mist.


If you love your leopard gecko, then don’t put its life at risk. If you thought swimming could be a fun activity and there is nothing else, don’t worry. Put more sand in their tank; they will find activities for themselves.

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