Can Indian Ringnecks And Cockatiels Live Together?

The answer is No, Wondering why you should not keep an Indian Ringneck and Cockatiel together? Both these birds have fundamental differences in their size and personality, therefore it’s not the right choice for you to keep them together.

Indian Ringnecks are bigger in size than the cockatiel and are known for getting aggressive sometimes. Also, Indian Ringnecks require much more attention and effort from their owners, or else the Ringneck starts getting neurotic and may harm the smaller cockatiel.  So, never put them together in the same cage.

Should I Get A Indian Ringneck To Accompany My Cockatiel?

Getting an Indian Ringneck to accompany your cockatiel might not be a good choice as there are some fundamental differences between the two. Let’s look at the fundamental points of difference between the two birds.

  • Indian Ringnecks are larger birds as compared to the cockatiel, therefore the Indian Ringneck may harm the Cockatiel. Also, Indian Ringnecks need a bigger cage for them to be able to move around freely or they start getting neurotic.
  • Indian Ringnecks are known to get aggressive sometimes and may attack the smaller cockatiel if they are put together.
  • The Ringnecks prefer to play with their toys by throwing them around, sitting on them, and nibbling at them. It might upset the cockatiel to see their favorite toy being taken away from them.
  • The Ringneck has a big appetite and it can get tough to feed both the birds. During feeding time the Ringneck might eat up the majority that can leave the Cockatiel getting underfed.
  • The Ringnecks require your constant time and attention whereas the cockatiel can keep themselves busy for a short period of time. It requires a much more attentive and dedicated owner to keep the Indian Ringneck as a pet.
  • Indian Ringnecks have a bigger beak and they might bully or injure the cockatiel if they are kept together.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, therefore it is not a good option to keep the Ringneck and Cockatiel together.

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Question : My Indian Ringneck Is Calm And Polite With My Cockatiel. I Think It’s Safe To Keep Them Together.

The Ringneck might behave calmly with the cockatiel when the owner is around but might get aggressive if the owner is not around. When left alone, the ringneck might attack the smaller bird. 

What Bird Should I Get To Accompany My Cocokatiel?

If you feel that the cockatiel is getting lonely, you can get another bird to accompany him/her. Cockatiels are social and passive birds and do get along with other smaller birds.

Red-crowned parakeets, Bourke parakeets and turquoise parrots commonly get along with cockatiels very well.

You can also get another cockatiel friend for your cockatiel but you have to be prepared to have some attention taken off of you and the new cockatiel might even replace you as their favorite person.

Generally, a bird will choose another bird over a human being but that’s completely normal and you have to be okay with it if you are going to get another bird.

Some important points to keep in mind when getting another bird is:

  • Avoid opposite sex birds as they will start breeding and turn your aviary into an hatchery. Cockatiels of same sex are known to get along with each other well.
  • Get a bigger cage to house two birds. More space will allow you to take better care for your birds and also both of them will feel better.
  • Avoid combining a larger bird with a smaller bird. For example- Housing an Indian Ringneck with a Cockatiel. In this case, the larger bird might attack the smaller bird and injure it. You will have to put in a lot of time and attention for both the birds to avoid any conflict between the two, therefore it is generally advised to avoid the situation completely.
  • Birds are more adaptive when they are young. So if you are thinking of getting another bird, do it while both of them are young. This way the chances of both of them getting along will become more likely.
  • Get a complete medical check-up done by a veterinarian before you house the two birds together to ensure that it completely safe for both of them.

Indian Ringneck Character And Personality

Originally from the Ceylon region, this Asiatic parrot is now very common in Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. Indian Ringnecks are amazing creatures who are very charming and delightful and with enough guidance can even learn to talk.

Indian Ringnecks are suited for owners who can provide them with lots of attention and time. It takes a devoted bird owner to keep the Indian Ringneck feel at home.

They do not like being confined inside cages and feel much happier if they are given space to fly around. Also, because of their large size, they need a much bigger cage than any other common pet bird.

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If the Indian Ringneck is kept inside a cage for elongated periods they start getting neurotic, which is a hard fix. Indian Ringnecks are known to live for almost 30 years.

What are their Favorite Activities?

Indian Ringnecks love to play with toys and need to be given enough toys for them to be in their natural selves. They love to toss around toys, sit on them and play with them continuously.

Your presence is of utmost importance to Indian Ringnecks. They love to communicate with their owner and to deal with them, you need to have a lot of patience.

Diet Composition

Indian Ringnecks are known for their big appetite. They feed on almost all types of vegetables and fruits. Feeding a well-balanced diet to a bird is imperative and you are required to incorporate a variety of food items in their diet.

Indian Ringnecks are also fond of healthy cooked food such as chicken, rice, grains, and beans. Moderation is key when feeding anything to your bird to avoid any health problems. Ringnecks are slightly picky when it comes to pellets.

Even if you mix it up with their favorite seeds, you will see them leaving behind pellets. Try and regulate pellet and seed intake separately in their diet schedule.

Personality Traits Of The Indian Ringnecks

Ringnecks do get a bit nappy and may seem like they are hard to train but that’s mostly because they are really smart due to which they do get bored easily. As a pet owner, it will be your toughest challenge to keep the Indian Ringneck occupied and interested.

If trained properly with time and care, they have a charming. Their high-pitched voice is still soft and very comical.

Cockatiel Character And Personality

Cockatiel originated from the semi-arid regions of Australia and now has become the most common pet bird in the United States. Known for its cuddly and bold personality, Cockatiel can imitate music and whistle, usually in the presence of their favorite person or when looking at themselves in their mirror.

The cockatiel is a very well-mannered pet and enjoys spending time on its owner’s shoulder or keeping themselves busy by looking for food and having fun inside the cage. They are a great apartment pet and an ideal choice for people who live in small apartments.

Favorite Activities

Their favorite activity is to spend leisure time on their favorite person’s shoulder. They love company but they can take care of themselves for short periods inside their cage. By keeping a large cage gate will allow them to freely move in and out.

Cockatiels would whistle to grab your attention or to keep themselves busy. They like to play with their toys as well and also need enough space around the house to fly.

They usually forage at the bottom of the cage for food so you can spray some seeds on the newspaper and keep it at the bottom of the cage to keep them engaged when they are alone.

Diet Composition

A balanced diet of pellets, green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, rice, and seeds. You can also feed home-cooked food to your cockatiel. Mix up a variety of seeds along with nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, and peanuts to feed them regularly or as treats.

It’s important to keep track of the amount of food you offer to your cockatiel. Avoid too much of anything and make sure to maintain variety. Make sure you add vitamins and minerals into their water as well.

Personality Traits Of Cockatiel

The cockatiel is a social bird that needs your attention and time. They might get upset if they are kept inside the cage for too long even if they can keep themselves busy for some time. Cockatiels are more friendly and cuddlier than the ringnecks.


Pairing up a cockatiel with an Indian Ringneck is not advised as both the birds are different in their fundamental behavior and personality. If you still want to get both of them, you will have to train them and be very attentive to both of the birds. But, still, it’s not a safe option for you to get the Indian Ringneck and Cockatiel together.