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Can Hamsters Eat Chicken?

Chicken is well liked among the meat products out there in the world. It is healthy for human beings and provides a good source of protein.

Can Hamsters Eat Chicken?

As a simple answer – yes, hamsters can eat chicken, but it should be given in moderation, so preferably feed chicken to your hamster as a treat to avoid further complications. Why can they eat chicken? – Hamsters eat both meat and flora in nature, meaning that they are omnivores in the heart.

 Can I make chicken as their staple diet? – No, preferably not, as chicken contains a lot of protein, which might be a bit too much for your furry friend, as they usually do not deal with that much protein in their diet.

How Do I Feed Chicken to My Hamster?

While feeding chicken to your hamster, make sure that it is not salted in any way. Sometimes the chicken that you might buy has salt sprinkled on the surface to prevent spoilage. So, to prevent an issue, wash the chicken before proceeding.

You cannot give your hamster raw chicken. So, you should either feed the hamster chicken that is boiled or baked. As mentioned before, do not salt the chicken. So, similarly, do not marinate the chicken with any sauce or flavoring. Both these are bad for your hamster, as spices are toxic to your friend and cause death in certain instances.

The recommended dosage is that you feed your furry friend one to two pieces a day, with each piece being one centimeter thick.

With all these being said, remember that protein is a good source of protein for your furry friend. The recommended part of feeding your hamster is the chicken breast as it contains the most amount of nutrients and never provides them chicken as raw.

I Thought Hamsters Can’t Eat Meat, So How Is this Scenario Possible?

This thought process is commonly seen between the new owners, as they think that Hamsters are pets who only eat veggies. But they are wrong in this thinking. Hamsters are omnivorous, meaning that they can survive on a diet of meat and veggies. In the wild, they eat insects or other creatures of their size for survival.

Can I Give Him Some KFC?

No, please do not, as it will harm your furry friend rather than help him out. KFC is a great meal to eat along with friends, but you are on the wrong track with your hamster.

The coating for KFC’s Chicken is jam-packed with flavor, which is perfect for your Saturday Night Game, but that flavoring can kill your hamster, as they are poisonous to them.

How Should I Introduce My Hamster to Chicken?

Small steps go a long way; always remember that. So likewise, when you introduce something new to someone, let that someone is anything from your friend to your furry friend; you should introduce them to it at a stagnated pace.

Introduce chicken as a treat to your hamster in a slow manner, not too fast that they grow bored of it and not too much that they like it so much that it can lead to complications. So, introduce them to chicken in a slow fashion, where it is not that fast and not that huge in quantity.

Check on them for about a day altogether, as hamsters are different and unique to have different reactions towards the chicken. So, lookout for signs of any stomach issues that your hamster might face. If there are facing problems with that, stop feeding them chicken immediately and check-up with the vet if the problem continues.

What are the Benefits that My Hamster Gains from Eating Chicken?

Chickens contain Cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Protein, Calcium, Cobalamin, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6.

These nutrients help your hamster lead a happy, healthy life. So you can feel safe when feeding your hamster some chicken. They also help in many psychological factors of a hamster, like stress release and many more.

A Friendly Insider Gives His Tips & Thoughts:

  • Remember that protein is a good source of protein for your furry friend. The recommended part of feeding your hamster is the chicken breast as it contains the most amount of nutrients and never provides them chicken as raw.
  • Also, avoid giving them the canned chicken that is usually available in your nearest convenience store, as they contain a lot of salt.
  • Sadly, you cannot feed the chicken you are eating, as that too contains salt, which is bad for your furry friend.

Are there any Side Effects to Providing My Hamster Some Chicken?

Hamster kiwi

Of course, there will be some downside to feeding them chicken, and we will go over the possible ones that may be affecting your furry friend.

The most common reaction to chicken is cardiovascular disease. These diseases are due to the overfeeding of chicken to your friend. Also, remember never to season and give raw chicken as they cause similar issues as well.


To conclude this article, you can safely feed chicken to your hamster. It is beneficial for your hamster. It is an excellent protein source for your hamster but remembers the various instructions on providing them, as those may cause some unwanted problems.

Well, be confident, and why don’t you feed some chicken to your hamster today? Go ahead and try it out, and you will see that your hamsters are sure to like the new treats.  

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