Can Hamsters eat cheerios

Can Hamsters Eat Cheerios (Are they Healthy?)

Cheerios is a cereal that is famous for its unique taste and distinctive design. People, both adults, and kids love it, but will your hamster like it too?

Can Hamsters Eat Cheerios?

Yes, hamsters can eat cheerios without any problem. But there is one catch, you will have to make sure that you only feed them the plain one and not the flavored ones we all like. You will have to give cheerios to your hamster in moderation, too, as cheerios contain a high sugar content that may lead to some health complications.

Are they healthy? If you are asking if they are healthy, it depends on who you are going to ask. In this article, we will be glancing at the truth.

How to Feed Cheerios To My Hamster? How much should i give?

The recommendation is that you feed it one to two pieces per day for the quantity you should provide. This method allows you to control the sugar intake of your hamster, leading to a balanced diet.

As you may know, cheerios come in different flavors. It is quite crucial while feeding your hamster some cheerios as it determines your hamster’s health while you provide it; try taking a cheerio before you feed your hamster and make a judgment on whether or not you are feeling safe to feed it.

Can I feed My Furry Friend Some Flavored Cheerios? Chocolate or Banana Perhaps?

Avoid flavored cheerios, all of them, as they are high in sugar content. Due to this reason, it is better to keep cheerios as a treat rather than a staple meal for your furry friend.

Please do keep away from the chocolate-flavored cheerios. The flavor should also be avoided at all costs, as chocolate is poisonous to hamsters. Hamsters cannot digest chocolate, and some breeds might partially digest it. It can also cause some side effects like lack of energy and convulsions.

What About Some Lucky Charms or Some Oreo’s?

Avoid both these flavors at any cost. As mentioned before, flavored ones contain a lot of sugar. Lucky Charms and Oreo’s have the highest sugar content in this category. So it is an avoid for sure.

Is First Impression the Last Right? So How Do I Introduce My Hamster to Cheerios?

Always remember that the first impression is the first and last impression, so you got to have to make it count. So, introduce your hamster to the cheerio in a staggered manner, meaning that you should take it slow; there is no rush.

After introducing your furry friend to the cheerio, wait to see his reaction. Sometimes, your hamster might take a liking to the cheerio and ask for more, whereas inversely, some might not like the taste of it and disregard it altogether. These reactions are caused because your hamster is unique in its way; they have their preferences and tastes, so let them be themselves and do not force it on them.

What All Are The Health Benefits That My Hamster Gains From Eating Cheerios?

Cheerios contain cholesterol, Sodium, Potassium, Fiber, Sugar, Calcium, Cobalamin, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6. All these are helpful for humans, as we can consume them in large amounts. But that is not the case with your furry friends.

Remember that we can only feed them a small amount. This small amount does not do anything beneficial to your hamster. Whereas, in the long run, it can improve your hamster’s digestion and many other benefits.

Are There Any Defects to Feeding My Hamster Some Cheerios? If so, What Are They?

As mentioned before, you will have to feed your hamster the cheerios in moderation due to the sugar content. This sugar content can lead to obesity and diabetes, which further leads to further problems. So please keep the number of cheerios that you provide it for a balanced amount.

Other than the problem mentioned above, the other problem is the flavoring we have already covered.


To conclude this article, yes, you can feed your hamster some cheerios in moderation, and the cheerios must be having no flavoring whatsoever. Even though cheerios do not give your hamster any specific benefit, it is still good to have a treat that you can give your furry friend from time to time.

Sometimes, they might reject it; if so, move on and find a treat that they might like. Inversely, some might like it; if so, congrats, you have found yourself a treat that your furry friend likes. Why don’t you try and feed your hamster some cheerios?      

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