Can Hamsters eat almonds

Can hamsters Eat Almonds (Is it healthy?)

Almonds are the healthiest snacks for humans. But is that the case with our furry friends? Let us find out.

The Almonds. Are they perfect for Hamsters?

In a single word, – Yes, you can safely feed almonds to your hamsters. It is not toxic to them what so ever. But like with all treats, it must be given in moderation, meaning that you must limit the intake of the almonds over a long period or by decreasing the quantity of information.

So, could I feed it as a staple diet for my Hamster, in a small amount? – This question is frequently asked by new hamster owners, and the sad answer is no. Let us find out why.

How to offer It to Them?

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The recommended dosage of almonds that you should feed your furry friend is approximately one to two almonds per week. Any more almonds can cause some severe problems for your Hamster.

The best way to feed almonds is to provide your Hamster with a single almond that has been peeled, cleaned, and washed

Why do we have to wash it? Usually, the almonds that we buy are already salted or flavored. This salt or flavoring is not suitable for your Hamster. They are, in fact, incredibly bad for your furry friend.

Almonds are a good source of fat; that is why they should be given in moderation. As it is a source of fat, it can lead to many complications for your furry friend. 

How Should I Cater to My Hamster? Are there things to be done?

Introductions must be short and sweet, meaning that your Hamster must understand the almond’s taste and quality from the very start. 

So, it would be best if you started feeding your Hamster in small amounts. Remember that small steps matter a lot. These small steps allow your Hamster to get used to the almonds.

The almonds didn’t attract my Hamster; what is the cause?

Like how humans are unique and different, the Hamster follows the same law of nature. Hamsters are extraordinary, too, meaning that they also have their own choices and opinions

Sometimes, they might not eat almonds, and the reason for this response is that they prefer something else. Inversely, some hamsters might love the almond to the very end and keep storing it so that they can eat it after some time.

3 Outstanding Ways to Offer Them

  • A pro tip is to feed your furry friend the almond that is cut into smaller pieces. Why must I cut it? – Some new hamster owners might ask. Think about a child; when he or she was young, there is a chance for them to choke on the almonds; similarly, hamsters have that problem.
  • Start feeding them from when they were young. By providing your hamsters from when they were young, you allow them to get a liking to the almonds.
  • Provide them almonds along with other nuts and fruits like kiwis or pistachios. By following this method, you provide them with a wide variety to choose from, making them much happier

What Varieties Should I Feed Them With?

  • California Paper Shell Almonds. These types of almonds are the best in the market; they are also the most commonly known. They are beneficial for your Hamster, as it allows them to relieve stress on the almond.
  • The Shalimar Almonds. They are large and have pointed ends. They have a very distinctive crunchy flavor and texture.
  • Monterey Almonds. These Almonds are incredibly popular. They are large and elongated almonds packed into thin and soft shells, making it easy for your darling to eat it. The inside that is the kernel is very soft and supple, making it a unique tasting experience for your Hamster.

What Is the Aid That My Hamster Gain from Almonds?

Almonds contain Riboflavin, Niacin, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Zinc, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E. Which help your Hamster significantly in their health and well-being.

What are the Defects of Feeding Almonds to my precious friend?

Similarly, think about when almonds when hamsters eat it. Just like kids, there is a possibility of choking for your furry friend.

As previously mentioned, almonds contain a lot of fat, and its intake can lead to obesity. Obesity in your Hamster can lead to further complications.

Final thoughts

You can safely feed your Hamster some almonds. It always provides it in moderation, and the nut must be peeled, cleaned, and washed before feeding it to them. So be brave in feeding them almonds. Why don’t you try feeding them almonds as a treat?

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