Can Cockatiels Eat Mint?

Cockatiels, a breed of parrot, belong to the cockatoo family originated from Australia. They are recognized to be very friendly pets and are very often loved and bred in many households.

Cockatiels love to eat food like fruits, sprouts (germinated), flowers, freshly harvested groundnuts (washed thoroughly), etc. But this is not the same with pet cockatiels, and homely cockatiels tend to habituate a diet that includes processed food.

Let us know if ‘mint‘ is a healthier consumption for cockatiels and can be a part of their diet or not.

Can Cockatiels eat mint? Yes, Cockatiels can eat mint, but in limited quantity. The majority of parrot breeds have an excellent digestive tract, and researches suggest that parrots like cockatiels love eating aromatic herbs. Mint, in a similar case, has a strong scent or aromatic properties that attract them.

The main reason behind herbs’ limitations like mint in cockatiels diet is the oil present in the mint leaves. Mint may irritate and even make them feel uncomfortable.

Then how do we feed them mint occasionally? It is best to soak the mint leaves in water over the night and then feed them to Cockatiels.

How much mint can we feed Cockatiel?

Even though the very nature is to feed on natural live food such as pellets, green leaves, flowers, etc., herbs like mint should not be fed to the cockatiel in a significant amount.

Along with a balanced diet, feed them mint in the limit, the amount of mint should not exceed 10% of their diet. Ensure including more dry pellets, fresh vegetables, and fruits that are healthy for their body. Feed them mint as a ‘treat.’ As we spoke before, mint has rich aromatic properties. It may not be digestible by the cockatiel’s body if fed in more quantity.

Gradually add mint to their diet as it will take time for their body to adapt to this new herb. Feed them little daily, but do not exceed more than 10% of their diet.

In what ways can I feed mint to my Cockatiel?

You can feed mint directly to your cockatiel after resting them in water over the night. If you want them to consume it in liquid form, smash some mint leaves in water, and let the water absorb the full flavor. Feed this water to your cockatiel after their diet.

Benefits of feeding mint to Cockatiel?

Some of the health benefits cockatiels gain from mint.

Balanced diet: Mint is high in fiber and low in calories and sugar, three components that make up a balanced cockatiel diet.

Vitamins: Mint contains vitamins A, C, and B complex.

Antioxidants: Herbs are known to be rich in antioxidants, and according to a study in Phytotherapy Research, mint is no different.

Minerals: Aside from vitamins, mint is also rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, and copper.

What are the risks of feeding mint to Cockatiel?

There is no risk of feeding mint to your Cockatiel. If it’s within the limit, then it is good. Always remember, mint contains concentrated essential oils. The aromatic properties of mint are produced from this.

Like other birds, cockatiel parrots are attracted to herbs like mint. Even though the oils present in mint may not risk cockatiel’s life, it will indeed irritate their digestive tract as we told above, ‘feed mint in the limit,’ and occasionally, which will be enough.

Make sure to wash the mint leaves before feeding them to your cockatiel (recommended overnight), as there is a possibility of mold formation. This mold and fungi can produce mycotoxins toxic in the stomach of your Cockatiel.

Feed mint by removing the stem of the mint leaves. If you soak them well in advance in water, it may make them less contagious of oils.

What other herbs can Cockatiel eat?

Some safe table foods for your cockatiel other than regular pellets can be fresh leafy vegetables. Some of the herbs that are not toxic and can be fed to your cockatiel are:

  • Basil leaves
  • Rosemary
  • Coriander
  • Lavender
  • Lemon balm

Remember to pluck the stem of all the leaves that you feed your cockatiel. As you provide them with herbs that are highly concentrated, the roots may make their digestion itchy.

Few other food items that we can feed our pet birds are hard-boiled eggs, broccoli, corn (smashed), zucchini, cucumber, and fruits such as peach, mango, berries, papaya, etc.

Must keep unwanted weeds, creepers, and seed dust away from Cockatiel. They may cause infection in their stomach and may make them ill. In case you are planning a climbing plant around the cage for your Cockatiel, then opt for grapes or Swedish ivy. They are safe.

Which season is good to feed mint to a Cockatiel?

Feeding mint in the summer season would ease the stomach of your cockatiel. If you feed them mint in the winter or rainy season, it may give them trouble indigestion. Remember to feed them in smaller portions despite any seasons. Remember that mint as an aromatic herb has its side effects.

What is the nutritious value of mint fed to a Cockatiel?

Mint, when fed in the limit, can benefit your cockatiel. Look at the below information to know more:

  • Relief from in-digestion: Along with the aromatic properties, mint is an amazing appetizer. The digestive tract is stimulated, and since we feed them in limited quantities, the essential oil contains antiseptic properties that will heal their bowel moments.
  • Immunity booster: As your cockatiel remains in a cage most of the time, mint may help them increase their immunity against many cases of flu.
  • Provides nourishment: Few mint leaves in their diet will nourish their body not just internally but externally as well.
  • Cherish the mood: If you feel that your cockatiel is sounding a lot, then feed them with few mint leaves, this will cherish their mood and calm them.
  • According to HealthLine, half an ounce (14 grams) of spearmint has six calories and one gram of fiber.

Understand your intention feeding mint to your Cockatiel

The reason behind why I started feeding mint to my Cockatiel was because I had them growing in my garden. My friends recommended to me that they are a good treat for my cockatiel.

Besides, many cockatiel’s owners prefer to use them for mint’s nutritional values, as mentioned above. I would suggest you start feeding mint to your cockatiel in small portions. If they are adapting mint to their diet, then voila!


We can conclude that we can feed mint to Cockatiels on an occasional basis after soaking them for few hours or over the night. If you have any queries related to Cockatiels, please reach out to us. We would love to help you.