Top 10 Exotic Pets owned by real families, last one will shock you - thumbnail

2- Giraffe:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Giraffe

Yes we know for sure that the question that is bothering your heard right now is how a giraffe suppose to enter a house? Well, I guess that you may be in need for a large one or even a farm to handle the situation.  That is the case with the McCray family whom live in South Africa on a ranch aside with “Fenn”, their lovely Giraffe.

Don’t be surprised if you find Fenn inside the house playing around and acting like a dog or a kitten. Yes she is tall that is why she is sliding on tile floors. You may ask how McCray family ended up with this 10 foot tall pet. Well, after Fenn was abandoned in the wild by her own mother after she passed away due to the toxic leaves she was eating.


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