Top 10 Exotic Pets owned by real families, last one will shock you

Top 10 Exotic Pets owned by real families, last one will shock you - thumbnail

Do you really think that owning a Sugar glider or a crested gecko is that much exotic? Then wait until you see what others prefer to have as their own exotic pets.

Bears, lions, crocodiles and tigers are the next generation of exotic pets that lot of people prefer to own, maybe for the purpose of showing off, or their unusual taste, or it’s just a passion of having something that others cannot have. After all, why have a hamster while you can have something more special.

10- Fox:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Fox

Maybe you think that having a big cat can brings lot of cleaning and feeding, but what about something also exotic but with a little size? Foxes are other preferred exotic pets that you can have for couple of hundred dollars. Because of their expressive faces and cool markings are behind making them a growing in pet popularity.

If you decided to have a fox as your next pet, then be aware that boxes can be so destructive. And get ready to get used to the bad smell and to follow a special diet to keep them well.

9- Skunk:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Skunk

It is beyond normal to own one of these animals as a family exotic Pets. But for some families it is just fine to have one. Obviously, it is conditioned to keep a distance well clear of thee white and black striped stinkers. But, Gloria Kim seems to be ok with that. This Mom from New Jersey actually owns a skunk under the name of “seven”, with removed scent glands to stay away from any kind of stinks. He lives in a small box and walks using a leash.

8- Lion:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Lion

Despite how scary and intimidating the lion may look, some crazy people adore having lions as their own exotic Pets. They prefer to own a big oversized house cat walking around, than having a cute little kitten. Melanie Griffith´s parents are crazy enough to keep a lion under the name of Neil. Actually he loves playing around the pool and behaves like a dog. But truth be said, lions are not supposed to live inside a house neither taking it outside. In Saratov, Russian city, the lion Maya got out and injured a boy after chasing him down.

7- Lynx:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Lynx

Not far from tigers and lions species here comes the lynx. This latter belongs to the unusual feline exotic Pets. Again in Russia exactly in Kaluga, a family decided to move from their small apartment to a new house just to keep their lynx “Zen” which is a rescue animal very attached with Sophia, the  daughter of the family. But it is preferred to keep such animal away due to the fact that they are still wild inside their hearts, as experts says.

6- Bear:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Bear

This family this time decided to go ahead with a bear as a house pet. Back in time, exactly 23 years ago, this weird family decided  to pick and adopt a bear cub as there little pet. Today, Stefan who was once a little cub actually has grown into a 300 pound and 7 foot tall, giant isn’t it?

But the weird thing about all of these is not that he is giant neither he his wild, but would you believe that Stefan watches TV and eats at the table with the members of the family. Stefan is not like the bear you heard about in those kids stories he does not eat porridge but he likes fish, vegetables and eggs just like the rest of the bears in the wildness.

5- Hippo:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Hippo

Hippo is an extremely unusual pet to have. A family from the South Africa found a hippo, that will be named Jessica after, abandoned at a young age. Jessica has become a member of the family even it is that much big. Becomes friendly with dogs and also just like Stefan the bear she comes inside the house for lunch and dinner. After a yummy dinner she walks outside to sleep with her friends, the dogs.

4- Cheetah:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Cheetah

With those wonderful markings and speed just like flash, some people will do anything to have one as family exotic Pets. One of those families is Jamie Pinar and Magda from South Africa they brought home a small cheetah cub that will be named Jolie later.

It is true that Jolie being somewhat domesticated but she is a good proof why cheetahs are not good family exotic Pets. Her wild nature is still there as she chews everything that she finds, besides lot of different damages. In most of the time, Jolie hangs out on the couch with the other pets of the family, the cat and dog.

3- Tiger:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Tiger

If you are active in social media lately, then you may have come across lot of images of rich families with tigers as their own lovely pet. But in other cases those tigers are not their pets and those photos have been taken at a zoo or in certain nature reserve. However in Brazil, Borgias family indeed have traded in their large house big Bengal tigers, playing with them in their yard. The funny thing is that they are sharing the inside of their house with these big cats as well, seems terrifying isn’t it?


2- Giraffe:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Giraffe

Yes we know for sure that the question that is bothering your heard right now is how a giraffe suppose to enter a house? Well, I guess that you may be in need for a large one or even a farm to handle the situation.  That is the case with the McCray family whom live in South Africa on a ranch aside with “Fenn”, their lovely Giraffe.

Don’t be surprised if you find Fenn inside the house playing around and acting like a dog or a kitten. Yes she is tall that is why she is sliding on tile floors. You may ask how McCray family ended up with this 10 foot tall pet. Well, after Fenn was abandoned in the wild by her own mother after she passed away due to the toxic leaves she was eating.

1- Cockroaches:

Top 10 Exotic Pets - Cockroaches

The biggest enemy of all the time for women is the cockroaches. Be honest to yourself and tell us in the comments below how many times did you squash cockroaches if you had the courage and if not tell us how many time you screamed seeing one.

But what if keeping one as a pet instead of just walk on it, seems weird isn’t it? That is not the case with those people who are totally in love with their Madagascar hissing cockroaches, for several reasons: they are not going to bite you, they are so cheap and they can live for so many years.  You should know before thinking to have one that these little creatures have their very own persona, so treat them well.

So, that was all about the extreme exotic Pets that only brave people decides to have as a family pet. Share with us in the comments below what is your exotic pet, or what do you prefer to have as exotic pets in the future.


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