What if your dogs are more intelligent than you are? Seems interesting isn’t it? Well, in some cases, some dogs have proven that they are really possessing a great percent of intelligent that it Is not found in any other pet. So, here are the most intelligent dogs in the world that you don’t know they are smart.

10- Australian cattle dog:

Australian cattle dog

This is one of the most active with strong body dog out there. From its name you will know that it is trained by Australian settlers for the purpose of herds of cattle. So, the dog has actually a job, It is a herding dog, which is considered as a great mark of intelligent. Without forget to mention that this dog is known also by its loyalty and protectiveness for his family. Did we mention that this dog puts his toys away when he is done playing with them? Oh, yes seems a move of intelligence.

The Australian cattle dog is famous of his ability on most of canine sports from which we mention; rally, flying disc and obedience. These games require lot of efforts besides lot of energy that is why the Australian cattle dog is included among our list of the most intelligent dogs in the world.


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