This is why you should never kiss your dog or cat

This is why you should never kiss your dog or cat thumbnail

Yes, we know that pets are in deep love to kiss your sweet face and lick your hands. We also know that by these kisses and licks you can fight depression and stress as well, since they make your day turns from a bad one to a funny one. So, if you are in love with Husky and German Shepherd mix dog or you prefer long haired German shepherd puppies and you consider your own pet as a member of the family, then you should read this to know if it is safe to let these lovely creatures kiss and lick your face.

Before you think to go ahead and let your dog or cat kiss you, maybe you should consider knowing about all these hidden dangers that you may never heard about before.

Dogs mouths VS Human mouths:

Dogs mouths VS Human mouths

Have you ever asked yourself the question is dog mouth cleaner than mine? Well, maybe you didn´t because you think being cute and playful is enough and you don´t care about the rest. Get ready for this. Dogs will not miss any opportunity to raid the garbage either inside you house or outside. Besides, we as human we are used to give a peck on the check when we meet a friend, well, this is also familiar with dogs but with a little difference which is that this peck is on another place with a quick sniff – You got what I mean right?

Dogs saliva bacteria:

Dogs saliva bacteria

Oh yes, you also should ask yourself before you go ahead and kiss that big mouth how many bacteria does a dog saliva has? To get closer to the answer of this question we should get back to what John Oxford, Professor of bacteriology and virology at the University of Queen Mary of London, says that it is not only saliva bacteria but there are also bacteria, germs and viruses in their muzzles too. You can tell that by knowing that your dog probably spends half of his life looking and getting his nose in nasty places digging for other dog´s droppings.

Some may say that dog´s saliva is safe and healthy for them since it Speeds up the process of healing after they lick their wounds. The answer for that is so simple, that feature doesn’t belong only to dog´s saliva but also human saliva can do this too. And you should also know that there is nothing special about it. By licking wounds, they are only getting rid of bacteria, dirt and blood surrounding the wounds.

Dog´s bacteria inside your body:

Dog´s bacteria inside your body

After we talked about dog´s saliva bacteria and all those stuffs relating to it, I can see that blurry question in your mind. What is going to happen to me if these bacteria succeeded to get into my body? Are you really ready for the answer? Well, if the viruses, gems or bacteria somehow managed to get inside your body it can cause a serious health damages and real problems.

That happened to a woman who caught an infection coming from her dog´s saliva causing her a slurred speech sound, so she contacted her doctor and lately the blood tests showed that she had an infection because of bacteria known to be found in cat and dog´s saliva. But how she caught such infection without even has a scratch or a bite on her body? Well, you guessed it right. It is due to the saliva of her dog from licking and kissing.

Other diseases your dog can transmit to you:

Other diseases your dog can transmit to you

If we want to count the real number of all the diseases you can catch by kissing your dog we will end up with a huge article that you probably haven´t the time to read it all. So, instead we are going to mention only the most common diseases. Ringworm infection is considered as a famous disease you can get from kissing your pet. Simply, if your puppy or kitten is infected from ringworm and somehow you kissed it, then congratulations, you got ringworm too that may look like a red circle on your skin.

Another dog´s disease that you can catch is the MRSA, just like the ringworm it affects your skin and you can get it by a small kiss as well.

The third dog´s disease in our list is the Capnocytophaga Canimorsus. This one is a bacterium that will make you suffer and cause you some real health problems if it managed somehow to enter your body, mostly through a wound.

And the list of these diseases is still too long but we guess this is enough for you to know that your health can be in a serious problem if you are affected by one of them.

How to prevent all these from happening?

How to prevent all these from happening

It will be such a shame if we did not talk about haw to prevent health risks caused by having an innocent pet. So, here are some tips and quick advice you can follow to keep you safe while enjoying the companion of your dog or cat.

1- Do not come close to your pet when you feel ill and do not let your dog or cat play near your bed and don´t get any close contact with them. Why doing so, is simply because in illness period your immune system is so weak, besides your body cannot afford a natural protection. For that reason, it is so easy to catch up on e of the diseases we mentioned above.

2- Do not let your pet lick your face or kiss you straight to your mouth.

3- Never ever let your pet share a meal with you on the same dish.

4- Remember after every contact or touch with your pet to wash your hands.

5- If you are considering your pet as a member of your family, then you should vaccinate it and take them to the vet regularly.

6- When you are looking after your pet, giving them a shower, make sure to use anti-fungal and antibacterial shampoos.

7- Keep your dog away from any stranger animal or any other dog you know nothing about.

8- Do not let your dog to search on garbage and eat its content.

9- Keep your pets away from raw fish, eggs and anything that is raw.

10- Last but not least, make sure to clean their toys and dishes from times to times.

Well, I guess that we arrived to the conclusion of why you should not leave your dog or cat to lick or kiss you straight. After knowing all what we talked about above do you still think it is a good idea to kiss your pet? Share with us what you think about this in the comments section below.


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