Proper behaviors to handle aggressive dog attacks

Proper behaviors to handle aggressive dog attacks

Humans and dogs is an old story that traced its path in all civilizations. You cannot imagine living a normal life on earth without having such a pet. Well, in some cases, some people treat their dogs the same way they treat their kids. You will never know such love if you did not try it yet. But in some cases, that love vanished when we talk about an aggressive dog attacks.

Until these lines everything seems normal, but we are here to bring out a solution for something bigger than this. Imagine you are walking alone in an empty block, no one is there, no place where you can hide. And suddenly, and from nowhere, a savage  Pitbull shows up in front of you. Starts barking in a loud voice, staring at your eyes directly and moving towards you slowly. Did you imagine the whole scenario? So, what are you going to do in such situation? If your answer is to give him your back and run as fast as you can, then your answer is likely to be among the 90% of other people´s answers. But that´s not the best decision to go on with.

aggressive dog attacks

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Here are the proper behaviors in case an aggressive dog attacks you.

1- Do not panic:

Yes, the first action to take care of is hiding your panic and fear. Try to still calm like nothing is wrong. To do so, try to focus on something that makes you happy. scientists are agree that animals have high sensors. Yes, animals can smell your fear. Once the dogs smell your fear they become more aggressive and you better be ready for the attack that is coming. But, how dogs are able to do that? I mean how they can smell our fears?

When you are afraid of something you tend to sweat more, besides your body is going to produce more adrenaline with other chemicals from which we mention the stress-related hormones.

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If you, as a normal human, would be able to smell a sweaty person sitting next to you in a train, can you imagine what a dog with sense of smell that is at least 1,000 times stronger than ours are able of? Oh yes, they can get you fear from long distance. So, better to train yourself to control your fair in such situations.

2- Slow down your steps:

We mentioned above that running may be a bad decision is such situation. Better to move so slow, but never ever give the dog your back and walk away. By doing so, you are giving him a good and easy chance to attack you from behind. So, move slowly with back steps while your eyes focusing on the dog´s movements.

3- Distract his attention:

This is a good move to get rid of him so easily. Try to look around looking for anything that can distract the dog´s attention. Box, bottle, wood, anything that you can through towards him. But, you may say, what if that block is like a desert and there is nothing in there. Well, in such case, you should look around yourself and look for any potentials.

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If you are holding a schoolbag, hand bag or a wallet then just distract him with it, safety first. If you have non of these, then take off one of your shoes and throw it towards him. But, do not hit him directly to the head or the body. That will be as a sign that you are ready for war. Best to through it near him. The front will be much better.

 4- Talk to the dog (give him some orders):

In some cases the dog may be only annoyed by something and does not want to attack you. So, try to talk to him from a distance, and never get closer to him. Try to give him orders with strong and deep voice, such as, go away, back away, good dog good boy, still calm still calm. Why these orders and not something else, well, simply because the majority of dog´s trainers or owners, especially the Large german shepherd breeders, are using these orders to train their dogs. So, such words are known in the ears of the dogs, and the potentials that they may interact with them are very high. By doing so, the dog may become discouraged and decides to leave.

5- Avoid any eye contact with the dog:

Looking directly to the eyes of the animal may be a real signal that you are a threaten to him. It is like you telling him i´m not going to give up and i will attack as well. In this case, the animal will try to dominate and eliminate the threat. So, always try to avoid eye contact with animals to show them that you are not interested in any conflict. But never lose sight of his movements. Keep him inside your angle.

6- Time to stand and fight back.

You may be surprised why did we include this step here. Well, in case you are alone and none of the steps we mentioned earlier seems to be working, and he started attacking and biting you, you have got to defend yourself against this aggressive dog attacks.

aggressive dog attacks 1

Do not let him approach your throat and protect your face with your hand. Kick him directly to the head. hit his throat, nick, nose and the back of his head. This are able to district him and give you time to get away. try to take off your t-shirt or whatever you are wearing at the top, cover your hand with it and when the dog attacks try to block him with that hand and make sure he bit it and not somewhere else.

You may also use your weight. Use your body to your advantage by getting on top of the dog – Dogs are not good wrestlers- and concentrate the force on areas such as the throat and ribs. This is going to hurt him and let him decide to leave to keep his bones safe.

Some may don’t want to hurt a dog unnecessarily, but remember that you should use force as necessary to save yourself if you are being seriously attacked, and that this is aggressive dog attacks and not a normal dog.


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