Pitbull breeders: Everything you need to know

Putting aside completely the fact that the pitbull breed of dogs gets a pretty bad rap (completely overblown and misguided, advanced), there are plenty of different reasons you need to look closely into all of the different pitbull breeders out there before you choose to purchase a puppy from one of them.

Pitbull breeders

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Important things to consider when choosing between pitbull breeders:

There is a world of difference between legitimate professional and amateur pitbull breeders that are looking for ways to improve upon the breed, provide healthy, happy, and well-adjusted puppies, and are always looking for ways to help rehabilitate and rejuvenate the reputation that peoples have around the world and breeders that are looking to cash in on this “popular” breed today without caring even a little bit about the animals that they produce.

While it would be nice to say that all professional pitbull breeders were head and shoulders above all amateur breeders, as that would make things really simple and straightforward, nothing could be further from the truth. There are fantastic professional pitbull breeders just as there are fantastic amateur pitbull breeders, and both groups have people in that shouldn’t be able to have anything whatsoever to do with pitbulls – or puppies in general, for that matter.

With the inside information we are able to share with you below, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever sorting through all of the different pitbull breeder options out there today. You’ll be able to find the perfect people to pair up with to purchase a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted puppy, but you’ll also be able to work with individuals and organizations that are very interested in making sure the pitbull reputation is repaired as well.

Let’s dive right in!

NEVER do business with puppy stores or puppy mills:

Before we go any further at all, it’s important that you understand that you should NEVER – under any circumstances whatsoever – do any business at all with commercial puppy stores or puppy mills.

The horrible conditions of the overwhelming majority of commercial puppy stores and how they “source” the puppies that they sell have been spoken about, written about, and disseminated more and more in the past few years – and for good reason.

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These operations exists purely to turn a profit, and they are willing to compromise on pretty much anything and everything (including the health and wellness of the puppies that they sell) to do so. If you are interested in going down that road it’s possible to dig up some real stories about commercial puppy stores, but if you have a weak stomach it’s best you avoid that kind of media as much as possible.

Puppy mills – essentially organizations that pump out letter after letter of puppies just as quickly as humanly possible, usually with the intent to sell to puppy stores or to individual buyers at the highest possible profit – are just as bad and should be avoided as well.

Pitbull puppy mills are pretty common all over the country, though they are getting shut down more and more frequently (and the world is better because of that).

Rescue or purchase a pitbull?

You’re also going to need to determine whether or not you are going to rescue a pitbull that has been abandoned or mistreated or if you are going to purchase a pitbull puppy from reliable and reputable breeders you know you can trust.

This seems like a pretty simple and straightforward decision on the surface – after all, most people are interested in getting a puppy that they get complete control over their training and upbringing, but a lot of folks are looking to rescue pitbulls from some really ugly situations understanding that most other people won’t take this step.

Sure, you may have to deal with some retraining issues when you rescue a pitbull but if you have the patience and the will, you can really transform the quality of life for these dogs that may never have a second opportunity otherwise.

Here’s what to look for in professional pitbull breeders:

Most of the reputable professional pitbull breeders out there are going to spend literally thousands of dollars each year on top-quality pitbull breeding stock, thousands of dollars on travel to show dogs professionally, and a tremendous amount of money on researching the bloodlines of these dogs and making sure they get the best training available from the moment they are born until the moment that they leave.

Reputable breeders will have an established reputation in the pitbull community, and will have a track record for fair dealing, quality dogs, and an interest in making sure that the pitbull breed is elevated rather than denigrated.

Here’s what to look for in amateur pitbull breeders:

Amateur breeders usually don’t have the same kind of budget that professional breeders will, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to have top-notch dogs with a clean bill of health or a serious commitment to improving the reputation of the pitbull community.

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They will also enjoy a fantastic reputation, will have produced pitbull puppies that are well trained and well-adjusted, and will do everything in their power to make sure that you are completely comfortable and confident in the puppy that you have chosen. They usually will have fewer litters of people puppies available compared to professional breeders, and you may even need to get on a waiting list if you really want a puppy from this breeder.

Red flags to look out for when you buy pitbull puppies:

Any breeder that cannot show you documentation about the dogs that they are breeding cannot be trusted. On top of that, you should be nervous about breeders that offer pitbull puppies at rock-bottom prices, as they are likely to be “backyard breeders” without a concern for the health, well-being, or temperament of the puppies that they have to offer.

Pitbull breeders that do not let you come and visit the puppies ahead of time to see where they were born and raised for the early stages of their life also likely cannot be trusted. If these breeders are nervous about you seeing the way that they were brought up or the conditions in which they were welcomed into the world, they likely aren’t providing them with a proper environment to develop as they should – and that’s where pitbull problems start.

Leverage the tips and tricks we’ve been able to share with you in this quick guide and you shouldn’t have much trouble at all finding the perfect pitbull breeders with the perfect puppy for you! In case you are still in doubt wich puppy is the best for your family, then you may need to take these two in consideration,pug puppies and the Husky and german shepherd mix.


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