Menswear dog Bodhi is the most stylish dog in the World

Menswear dog Bodhi is one of the most influential members of the menswear fashion community has an Instagram account with more than 600+ photos, close to 400,000 followers, and a social media and online presence quite unlike anything else that the menswear industry has ever seen…

Menswear dog Bodhi

Menswear dog Bodhi - Pinterest

… Oh yeah, and he’s a dog! Literally!

If you’ve been paying any attention whatsoever to the world of menswear fashion for the last three or four years the odds are pretty good that you’ve heard about the “Menswear Dog that goes by the name of Bodhi.

A pretty young and very photogenic Shiba Inu that’s a little bit larger than the standard for his breed, Bodhi broke into the menswear fashion industry as a bit of a joke when his 27-year-old fashion designer “mom” decided to dress him up in Ralph Lauren clothes and the rest, as they say, is history!

Bodhi has gone beyond being just another flash in the pan on the internet, however, and today is actively sought out by some of the most influential companies in the men’s fashion worlds in an effort to act as a point man (or point dog, as the case may be) for new collections and campaigns. If you are interested in learning a little bit more about everything that Bodhi brings to the table you want to check out the inside information we are able to share with you below!

What is the menswear dog, exactly?

Bodhi has one of the most inviting personalities of any dog in show business, but that’s kind of to be expected – especially since Bodhi got his name from the Point Break character played in the legendary surfer/action movie by Patrick Swayze.

This is one cool customer!

As mentioned above, the for now five-year-old dog was originally introduced to the fashion world by his dog mom and her boyfriend as a bit of a joke in the spring of 2013. They through a couple of pictures up on Facebook as a gag and the social media activity really picked up from there – and it wasn’t long until they created an Instagram account for Bodhi and then everything went nuts after that.

Menswear dog Bodhi is the most stylish dog in the World

Today, companies like Ralph Lauren, Victorinox, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, ASOS, Hudson Shoes, Todd Snyder, Tom Ford, and more have all adopted this dog as part of their marketing campaigns – especially for clothing and accessories targeted towards millennials – and Bodhi has become a huge fixture in the fashion world today. And maybe in the coming days we will see other breeds, such as Pitbull or Pug in this industry

The amazing career that this dog has been able to enjoy

Bodhi the Menswear Dog certainly isn’t the first pup break into the modeling world, but the approach that he took – with the help of his owners, of course – was a little bit different and a little bit off the wall.

Early contracts were little more than a handshake, and the fees that the owners of Bodhi charged were really (compared to the rest of the human industry) almost laughably low. But then a couple of photographers let slip just how lucrative the potential for Bodhi in the fashion industry could be, and from there the sky really became the limit.

The owners of Bodhi didn’t want to exploit the dog, however, so they started jacking up the prices for his appearances and for his photo shoots an effort to both cut down on the work load of Bodhi so that he could enjoy being a dog more than anything else while at the same time embracing the celebrity that they were able to manufacture.

Today, the owners of Bodhi reports that a good month for the Menswear Dog will bring in close to about $20,000 or so and that they haven’t seen a month dip under $10,000 in earnings in about two years.

Menswear dog Bodhi nytimes
Credit to: nytimes

The owners of Bodhi have considered going the talent agent route after being approached by Ben Lashes, an agent that represents a number of other “micro-celebrities” on the internet like the Grumpy Cat, for example but decided to go in a different direction when the agent wanted 20% and almost total control of the creative process.

Bodhi is one of the most influential characters in the world of menswear today!

At the end of the day, it certainly appears that Bodhi is enjoying every second of his celebrity and so are his owners. Both are involved in the fashion world, both never expected to climb on board this wild ride, and both of them are completely aware of – and almost prepared for – the ride to stop at any point in time without any warning at all.

It will be interesting to see how the later stages of the Menswear Dog career unfolds, but one thing is for certain. Bodhi doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon, except for in front of a camera with the latest collection from the hottest designers on the planet all over him!


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