Long haired german shepherd puppies

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies are some of the most recognizable dogs in the world. This medium-large size breed is popular worldwide for their strength, obedience, and intelligence. They are popular as police dogs, for search-and-rescue positions, and even as well-loved household pets.

Long haired German Shepherds are less common than the short haired varieties. Due to the recessive genes they are harder to find, but they are just as easy to train and as lovable as their short-haired counterparts.

Long haired german shepherd puppies

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Long haired german shepherd puppies

German Shepherds have a coat with two layers – an outer layer and a dense undercoat. Generally, long haired German Shepherd puppies are either red and black or tan and black. While there can be some color variations, many of those different colors will disqualify the dog from being shown in dog shows. They have large heads and a long neck with a bushy tail. Long haired German Shepherd puppies have the same coloring and body types as short haired German Shepherd puppies, the difference being in the length of their overcoat.


These puppies are active dogs who enjoy having a job to do. They love to learn and are willing to please. Their curiosity and protective nature make them perfect guard dogs and suit them to their jobs. However, if the owners don’t take care to correctly socialize them while they are young they can tend to be over-aggressive and protective to a fault. Generally, long hair German shepherd puppies are not very friendly with strangers and prefer to be with their family over being left with strangers who they do not know.


Most of the health problems that affect long haired German shepherd puppies stem from inbreeding when the breed was first discovered. Elbow and hip dysplasia is a common problem that can cause the dog pain as they age and arthritis. Hip dysplasia occurs when the head of the thigh bone doesn’t fit the way it should into the hip socket. As the dog ages, the bone will wear away and become inflamed. Unfortunately, this can only be diagnosed with an x-ray and then an orthopedic specialist would need to be involved to discuss treatment of the health problem.

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Another common health problem for long haired German Shepherds is degenerative myelopathy. This disease is a neurological problem that can be tested with a saliva test, making it easy for prospective owners to find out about this issue before they buy a dog.

Bloat is a final health problem that you may encounter with your long haired German shepherd puppy. This is most common in large breed dogs when the stomach twists and cuts off blood flow. This can result in death rather quickly if the owner doesn’t get the dog to the vet for immediate medical care.

When you are buying from a breeder always make sure to discuss any health problems that the dog may have. As most long haired German shepherd puppies’ health issues are genetic, a good breeder should be able to answer any questions that you have and calm your fears about problems that may arise.

Care and Feeding:

Taking care of a long haired German shepherd puppy isn’t very different from taking care of another other medium or large breed puppy. Unlike adult dogs, puppies need to be fed twice or three times a day. Choose a dog food brand that is created specifically to meet the needs of larger dogs. Long haired German shepherd puppies will have different dietary needs than a smaller dog like a Pekinese.

Talking to the breeder or to your veterinarian is a great way to make sure you choose a food that will meet their needs. You want to make sure that the food offers your new puppy enough protein. Also make sure that you offer your new puppy enough clean water during the day so they don’t become dehydrated. It’s important for them to get enough water throughout the day so they can grow healthy and strong.


In general, long haired German shepherd puppies are among some of the most adaptable dog breeds in the world. From being a household pet to working with a drug unit or uncovering land mines in a war zone, this dog can do just about anything with the correct training and handler.

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As long as the puppy is brought up in a loving environment where they feel safe, secure, and are given a job to do, they will grow up into a well-adjusted dog that appreciates their work and role. Evidence of their extreme adaptability is shown when former police dogs retire and are allowed to live as family pets for the rest of their lives. While they will relax and enjoy being retired, they will still be protected of their family and want to keep people safe.


Long haired German shepherd puppies are among some of the most trainable breeds in the world, as evidenced by the jobs that they have. Even if you have your puppy for a household pet and not a working dog in the police force or in the military, you should still work with a trainer to make sure that your pet is well behaved.

As German Shepherds are so big and intelligent, they can easily get bored, and that’s when a dog gets destructive. Unfortunately, some people don’t spend the time to train their pets, which can lead to an ill-behaved animal that can damage the home. For working dogs, training is a huge part of their lives. Police dogs train every day with their handlers to make sure they are able to perform their required tasks. From finding drugs to chasing down suspects, long haired German Shepherds are great at doing their jobs.

Long haired German shepherd puppies are a wonderful addition to most any family or workplace. They require a strong leader who is willing to train them and provide a job for them to do, but will reward their family with unconditional love and protection for years to come.


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