Large german shepherd breeders: things you should know

Large german shepherd breeders things you should know

The Large german shepherd breeders is an agile, alert, well-muscled and strong dog that is full of life which is why most people prefer it for different purposes. These dogs are not only wonderful companions, but they are also very intelligent obedient dogs. For these reasons they are trainable and make perfect choices for police, search, rescue and guide related work.

They are also amazing pets for families and they are the type of dogs that can truly bond with the family so much that they are bound to suffer from separation anxiety once apart. But, how can you select the best large German shepherd breeders?

Large german shepherd breeders

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German Shepherds which are well-mannered are generally consistent in attitude, alert, obedient and calm. Poor breeding can however interfere with this nature thus bringing up dogs that are aggressive and nervous. This ideal breed requires knowledgeable handling and training to bring out the best in them because of their natural instinct to protect owners.

They come in different coats, some with long hairs and some with short hairs. The coats can be gold, tan, gray, black or white, but generally the darker versions are most preferred over the golds and whites. Besides there is another preferred type, which is the combination of Husky and german shepherd.

This breed of dog grows pretty large in size, giving them that protective fierce look. They are however excellent with children, despite their large sizes and are extremely loyal. Apart from making the ideal choice for family, and therapy, they’re easy to train nature allows them to grow into reliable service dogs.

The dogs generally fit into any given setting with proper breeding and training. Choosing the right breeder is therefore one of the most important things you can do when looking for a German Shepherd dog.

Selecting the best Large german shepherd breeders

Large German Shepherd breeders have increased in numbers and therefore need to be sure of whom you are dealing with when getting your puppy or full grown dog. Only a passionate breeder will be able to protect and preserve the integrity of the breed and offer you exactly what you are looking for.

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The last thing you want is to end up with a breeder who has exaggerated size photos of the dogs or one who overlooks breeding elements that matter the most. Below are a few things you should look out for to choose the best among large German Shepherd breeders.

Breed knowledge and experience:

For a breeder to be in a position to handle this dog, they must have the necessary knowledge and education on the breed. You can tell a breeder is educated on the breed when they have an easy time discussing things such as the history of this breed, breed standards, conformation and temperament as well as purpose. This kind of education and knowledge makes the breeder able to produce dogs with specific compliments.

A good breeder will also understand bloodlines and pedigrees in such a way that they have in depth knowledge of the dogs they are breeding in terms of health, workability, nerve outcome and temperament.

Quality testing:

Competent large German Shepherd breeders know the importance of testing breeding stock for quality. The dogs ought to be tested for breed specific and common health issues. This way, puppies are saved from developing painful devastating conditions. With the correct tests and measures, genetic conditions and diseases have a very low chance of getting passed. Find out what tests your breeder has in place to ensure that only the best stock is bred.

Some of the best large German Shepherd breeders will not only serve you with health certificates but also temperament guarantees so you are assured of top quality with your dog. Always strive to check out and test the dogs even when you are comfortable enough with the breeder.

How to get the best Large german shepherd breeders

Their alertness, agility, obedience and intelligence is probably what make the German shepherd dogs adored by many. They not only make very good companions and pets in homes, but work as great as service dogs in rescue, guide and police related work with proper training. The size of the dogs is not exaggerated; they can grow pretty large, especially with the right breeding. Large German shepherd breeders with the expertise on the breed end up with some of the best breeds for all kinds of settings and requirements.

Training the dogs

The key to getting the best breed of German shepherd dogs is to be consistent with training and practice. Good breeders ought to start by understanding each and every puppy so they are able to handle them individually to bring out the best in them. The truth is there is no one training formula that suits all dogs, for example Pitbull breed requires a special training, and multiple variations in the training may be necessary to find a fit for every puppy.

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In as much as this breed of dogs is obedient and easy to train, large German shepherd breeders ought to adhere to the proper modes of training the dogs. Simple tips can give the breeders an easy time getting the most from the dogs and they include:

  • Rewarding positive behaviors
  • Extinguishing and discouraging bad behavior
  • Giving clear commands only ones
  • Using normal voice even when commanding the dogs
  • Maintaining consistency in expectations and actions
  • Offering a daily outlet for dog energies
  • Making learning fun whenever possible
  • Socializing the dogs with people and other dogs depending on purpose of training

Feeding the dogs

Another very important area that large German shepherd breeders should pay attention to is feeding. They are muscular and therefore have high energy levels and huge appetites. This however should not mean over-feeding them otherwise they could end up obese.

A high quality diet is necessary, but at the same time plenty of exercise is important in keeping them in good shape. The key ingredients in dog food for this breed should be whole meet protein and carbohydrates that are digestible to provide energy needed by this active breed of dogs.

Foods rich in vegetable and fish oils are also good choices because they provide the dogs with omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fats to keep their coats healthy and shiny. Avoid giving foods that contain synthetic preservatives as they could lead to health issues.

German shepherd dogs should be fed at least twice daily at regular scheduled times. This should not be too late at night; it should be at a time when they still have enough time to get plenty of exercises.

Considering that this is a breed known to be prone to obesity and bloat as a result of its size and huge appetite, it is important that breeders take measures to help the dogs maintain healthy weight and avoid stomach issues. With the right diet and exercises, it is possible to get the healthiest dogs.

Large German shepherd breeders ought to be knowledgeable in everything that relates to this breed of dog. Ensure that you source your dog from a trustworthy breeder to get the best quality.


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