If you want to protect your valuable and beloved horses while they’re in transit, you should consider investing in horses travel boots. These types of boots are designed to shield horses from blows or other types of damage. However, they aren’t just for travel. They also help horses to stay safe while they are getting exercise.

When you choose high-quality, protective horses travel boots which are affordable and come from a trusted manufacturer, you’ll know that you’re doing all that you can help your horses stay undamaged, happy and healthy.

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Today, we’d like to share information about horses travel boots and how to find the best products of this type online.

Seek Out Reputable Websites for best horse travel boots

You should only buy horse travel boots from websites which have strong and positive reputations. So, we do recommend starting the ball rolling by doing a quick and simple Google search for “horses travel boots” and then checking out the first few results on the list. These will be links to websites which offer these horse accessories for sale.

The first results already get a lot of traffic online, so they are probably reputable. However, the best way to find out for sure just how reputable these websites are is to visit the website and look into the backgrounds of the online retailers. As well, a smart second step will be looking up reviews of these online retailers via the Web. When you do this before you start actually checking out horses travel boots at the websites, you’ll boost the odds of finding established and trusted online suppliers.

After you find at least three reputable online suppliers, revisit their websites and check out their inventory. They should offer a good assortment of styles at different price points, such as travel boots made from an array of tough, yet flexible materials, and leg wraps and pads. You should have your choice of colors, from basic black to very bright and everything in between. You can check the horse boots Australia, to get a closer idea about the quality.

Be sure that an online supplier provides boots, wraps and pads which are crafted with care by respected manufacturers. If you aren’t familiar with horse travel boots brands, you should be able to research them online. Companies which have been manufacturing them for years will typically offer superb quality.

Do Some Pricing Comparisons of different horse travel boots

The next step will be finding a specific style which is right for you. Once you found the right make and model of horses travel boots online, you’ll be primed to comparison-shop like the experts do. This means pricing your preferred boots across at least three reputable online retailers.

This phase of comparison-shopping should help you to unlock the best deals in no time flat. Some people check out more than three online retailers. Others find that comparing products at just three online retailers is enough to help them save money on the cost of ordering horses travel boots online.

In terms of other things to think about, consider the price of shipping, unless free shipping is offered. Sometimes, it’s best to order these boots from online suppliers which have their headquarters in your home country. Doing so may allow you to save on shipping. If free shipping is available, that’s a nice perk, so it’s something to watch for. However, in general, these boots aren’t too heavy and shipping costs shouldn’t be too high.

Next, consider warranties. Do the boots that you’re interested in ordering come with warranties which will give you recourse as a consumer if you’re not completely satisfied? If they do, that’s a good thing. Some styles will feature warranties and some won’t.

These boots are an investment, especially if you’re buying them for more than one horse, so you should probably hold out for styles which do feature warranties. Then, you’ll be able to get replacements or repairs if the boots don’t perform as they should.

How to Order horse travel boots Online

Horses travel boots are typically very simple to order online. First, you’ll need to register at the website which offers the boots. Then, you will need to move forward by selecting the style that you prefer. You may have a choice of sizes and colors. As well, you will need to indicate how many of these boots you want in each order. Once you’ve done so, you should be ready to finalize your sale. This may be done in the Checkout Area of the website.

In the Checkout Area, you should see a total for the boots, plus any applicable taxes and shipping fees. So, you’ll be able to know exactly how much you’ll have to pay before you place an order. After you check these details, finalize the order if the charges look ok to you. In some cases, you may have a choice of shipping options, including same-day shipping for a higher rate.

Every online supplier is different. Consider all of the variables, select the options which are best for you and then move forward by placing your order. You should receive a confirmation once your order has been submitted. As well, later on, you may be provided with tracking information which allows you to track your order while it’s in transit.

Here are the top 5 horses travel boots on amazon based on buyers reviews:

1- Tough 1

0- Tough 1 - Horses travel bootsTough 1 is the first extreme vented sport boots set to come in out top 5 horses travel boots list. Why other travel boots doesn’t work well ? and why they keep hurting the leg of your horse is so simple, because they do not allow the leg to breath. The Though1 has the ability of releasing heat and let the leg of the horse take breath from times to times thanks to air-flow perforated neoprene.

The Though1 is very simple and so easy to clean. To put on these boots correctly  is so easy and quick and that goes back to the three strong quick grip closures. It is designed to keep dirt out and perform and fit like your horse second skin so as to protect your equine athlete.

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2- Back On Track

1- Back on Track - Horses travel bootsBack on track therapeutic is another quick leg wraps. Also, really easy on and off leg wraps that reflect your horse body heat. As known, heat therapy is very recognized strategy and method that is used to help in relieving heal injured muscles, tendons and joints. Add to this, the Back on Track is made of cotton and polyester .

Before you think to go ahead and use the back on track you should first to pay attention to the following instructions : They should be introduced gradually and not at once. Make sure that in the first 2 till 3 days that you apply them only for a total of four hours per day. After this period, it will be recommended to keep it on overnight.

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3- Professionals choice

2- Professional's Choice - horses travel bootsProfessionals choice is sports medicine boots that comes to save your horse from those catastrophic leg injuries during your long rides. You may be in need for the sports medicine boot to prevent the lower limb injuries while you are training your horse or even performing. And in case of rehabilitating of your horse with the limb injuries, the sports medicine boots can be a very valuable addition to the treatment regime.

Other features of this product are, the ultra-shock lining that can absorbs negative energy, help of eliminating hyper-extension of the fetlock thanks to suspensory strap stretches upon each stride. So, as to allow your horse to maintain his normal distribution of weight you should use booting all four legs.

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4- Professional choice equine smbii leg boot

3- Professional's Choice - horses travel bootsNot far from the professionals choice here is the equine smbii leg boot that comes with an additional 360 degrees of protection provided by the ultra shock lining. Great tool for supporting the sespensory ligaments. It works well for the shock protection and a very good comfort provider.

They are great support for sprained tendons with a little problem which is getting sweaty and scalded in the hot weather. These leg boots have meant, for so many horses, the difference between permanent or periodic injuries and an extended career.

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5- Horseware Ireland

4- Horseware Ireland - horses travel bootsLast but not least in our top 5 horses travel boot is the horseware amigo travel boots. They are made and designed for the seek of protecting the legs of your horse during shipping. They come down over the coronary band and shaped all over the hocks. They are also known by an easy clean nylon and a fleece lining.

The Horseware amigo travel boots can provide a good protection for your horse legs during training or during riding. It comes with different colors and sizes so as to fit your horse and avoid any kind of injuries. In case you have a small horse or a pony, then you should go ahead with the pony size.

So, these were the top 5 horses travel boots on the famous amazon store based on the satisfaction of the buyers. Did you manage to pick yours yet? Make sure to check them all before you decide.

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Look for Horses Travel Boots Today

Now that you know how to find high-quality and affordable horse travel boots online, why not shop for these protective products today? Plenty of great retailers are out there online, so you should be able to find superb boots for competitive prices.

Once you put your boots on your horse or horses, you’ll love the way that the boots protect them from blows and damage, during exercise or while the horses are being moved from place to place. Horses are lovable pets and they are also big investments. This is why adding these horse accessories to the mix will be such a great way to care for your adored horses, while also protecting your equine investment.

Good boots should last for a long time and they may be adjusted to fit different horses. So, why not order them today?


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