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Long haired german shepherd puppies

Dog German Shepherd Puppy Pet Animal Cute Tiny

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies are some of the most recognizable dogs in the world. This medium-large size breed is popular worldwide for their strength, obedience, and intelligence. They are popular as police dogs, for search-and-rescue positions, and even as well-loved household pets. Long haired German Shepherds are less common …

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Menswear dog Bodhi is the most stylish dog in the World

Menswear dog Bodhi most stylish

Menswear dog Bodhi is one of the most influential members of the menswear fashion community has an Instagram account with more than 600+ photos, close to 400,000 followers, and a social media and online presence quite unlike anything else that the menswear industry has ever seen… Menswear dog Bodhi … …

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Dog Spinning Ritual – This must be stopped

Dog Spinning Ritual - This must be stopped

Humans, for one reason or another, can do some really terrible things in the spirit of keeping up with old traditions – and this kind of mentality is on full display when it comes to the Bulgarian rituals of dog spinning ritual. The information contained below is graphic in nature. Dog …

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Proper behaviors to handle aggressive dog attacks

Humans and dogs is an old story that traced its path in all civilisations. You cannot imagine living a normal life on earth without having such a pet. Well, in some cases, some people treat their dogs the same way they treat their kids, by going with the right ways …

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Large german shepherd breeders: things you should know

Large german shepherd breeders

The German Shepherd dog is an agile, alert, well-muscled and strong dog that is full of life which is why most people prefer it for different purposes. These dogs are not only wonderful companions, but they are also very intelligent obedient dogs. For these reasons they are trainable and make …

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Pitbull breeders: Everything you need to know

Pitbull breeders

Putting aside completely the fact that the pitbull breed of dogs gets a pretty bad rap (completely overblown and misguided, advanced), there are plenty of different reasons you need to look closely into all of the different pitbull breeders out there before you choose to purchase a puppy from one …

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pug puppies for sale in va 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

pug puppies for sale in va

Bringing home a new puppy is always conisdered as an exciting times. However, it can also be confusing as there are so many great puppies for sale. Picking the right puppy is important as you want to have a long-lasting friendship with your pets. Here are some tips to help you …

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