Horse boots australia 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Before expanding in the best horse boots Australia, let us stop for a while in the deep meaning of this quote. No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle – Winston Churchill.  This short quote has really a deep meaning that shows us the importance of horses. According to it, horses are making our lives better by reducing stress. Once you are on top of that saddle you feel like time is paused, and you start living the moment. But to get the best of your animal, he needs to get the best out of you. How is that? Simply by taking care of him, providing the best equipment, Feed & Supplements.

Horse boots Australia

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How to take care of my horse?

Before moving on to the safety, you should make in mind that not all the horses are the same. Some are really so difficult to take care of. So, for that reason you should know some basics to handle that.


Grooming your horse from times to times is a pre-safety that you should not forget. It is better to do the grooming outside the barn. Make sure to tie the horse so as not to let him go away while you trying to groom him. Get a rubber brush that is not so harsh on the horse coat. For the surface try a dandy brush. As an addition you can hug him while you are grooming so as to make him more comfortable.


Another important thing that is considered as safety is the way you are feeding that horse. Make sure to give him lot of clean water. Besides water do not forget a good quality hay, which is considered as the main source of his food. For normal horses they should eat about 15-20 pounds of hay as average every single day. So, do not hesitate to provide him with enough hay. Besides this later, try to mix it with some healthy green food. More food is required after a long riding or working day.


A well trained horse does not become overnight. That´s required some time and effort with lot of knowledge. So at first you should go slow in teaching him new tricks. If you horse is new, then you should never walk or stand in front or behind him during the training.

A good quality saddle is necessary while you are riding the horse. Because if he is not feeling comfortable, then you may expect him to throw you from the saddle. So, grab a saddle that is fitting him with great material and quality so as not to cost him sores. Expect to spend somewhere between 500$ to 700$ for a good saddle.

Last but not least in safety, is the horse boots. Never underestimate the smallest things. Always the littlest things make difference. And most of horse riders and trainers do not care about the boots. And that costs so much damage in their legs and that’s lead for the weak performance.

Horse boots Australia

In case you want to take a good care of your horses, then you should know that their safety should be your top priority. The health and condition of a horse is something that responsible horse keepers must take into account on a daily basis. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about cowboy horses, racers or polo players – you must maintain and preserve their well being.

horse boots australia

One example of a safety gear that is getting quite popular in the last few years in Australia is horse boots. These boots are used for providing additional protection to the legs of the wearer. They are a type of footwear which keeps the horse safe from piercing and hoof injury. This injury can come as a result of walking on rough terrain, stabbing during transportation and friction from the hooves.

Shoeing of horses with batting and covering their fetlocks with wrap stands are a thing of the past. Nowadays, horse owners can choose between different horse boots solutions. On top of that, it is not difficult to find trendy horse boots created for this purpose. If you want to ensure maximum stability and protection, you should look for adequate boots. As previously mentioned, these boots come in a wide range of types. Each of them is made from different materials and there are horse boots Australia options that have a different size and colors too. It is crucial to choose the ones that suit your horse the best.

What to expect while buying horse boots Australia:

When you think about buying horse boots Australia, think about the procedure you conduct when buying tires for your car. The main point is to get fitting boots that will provide a solid base on the ground. In other words, the price of this specific type of horse footwear should not be the most important factor.

What is more important is the reliability of horse boots, so you can provide protection against slipping. In addition, these boots must be made from durable materials. When it comes to the size, you must focus on the hooves’ sizes. Before you measure the hooves, smooth any oversized hooves. Make sure that they are in a good shape before taking measures.

Another thing that you should take into consideration when looking for the best horse boots Australia is the purpose. Namely, in case you are training with a young racing horse, you should select brushing horse boots that are ideal for protection against injuries which are typical for hooves rubbing and grinding. Show jumpers on the other hand need tendon boots. A few other popular types of horse boots in Australia include knee and hock horse boots designed for road workhorses, sausage boots based on rubber and travel boots for horses that walk many miles.

Since you arrived till the end, we want to suggest for you the top 5 horse boots Australia in the amazon market based on the satisfaction of the buyers:

1- Cavallo

1- Cavallo - horse boots australiaThe first horse boots to come in our list of horse boots Australia is the black cavallo simple hoof boot for horses. If you are looking for something that is so simple to put on and stay on, a horse boot that is simple to size, then you may need to take a look at the Cavallo. Besides, to minimize the pressure they recessed the center of outsole.

Without the need to mention the flexibility and comfort ability of the genuine leather upper. Another important point to look at is the rehabilitation from injuries, navicular disease and abscesses.  Simply, Cavallo is your next multipurpose hoof boot, and great for the protection of your horse on hard or on rough terrain.

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2- Cavallo Trek Slim Sole hoof boot

2- Cavallo Trek Slim - horse boots australiaYes, here is another item provided by Cavallo. If you are used to trekking through the trails, you must make sure that your horse is wearing trek boots. This one is considered the alternative of the metal boots because they are lightweight that comes also with multipurpose that suit all terrain.

Another feature of the trek slim tread pattern is that it provides natural heel brake and supports the frog. The upper design was made to minimize weight and optimize strength and to still away from any injury during your journey.

Before you decide to go ahead with this choice wait until you discover the rest our horse boots Australia and then go ahead and decide which one you would like to choose.

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3- Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot

3- Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot - horse boots australiaIt seems like Cavallo is the dominant in the horse boots Australia and maybe this is going back to their quality. Here we go with another Cavallo product that can fit left and right hooves, with an easy pull tabs for an easy on. Also, the upper design that looks like a honeycomb was designed to minimize the weight of the boot and optimize the strength.

It is built in sole relief so as it can take pressure off the bars, frog and sole.  It is a good choice for senior horses. If you are seeking for the total comfort and protection of your horse, then you may have to check this one.

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4- Cavallo Sport black Hoof boot slim sole

4- Cavallo Sport Hoof Boot Slim Sole, Black - horse boots australiaThis one goes with all terrain as well and plays a great protection for the barefoot horse. Also, it is really simple to fix its size, and easy to stay on and to put on. It doesn’t require any extra effort and no need for any pre-knowledge. We should mention also that it is reflective for safe riding. It differs from the cavallo simple boot, it is narrower ¼”

From the first look you can notice that it is very stylish but with great performance as well. The sport cavallo boots are shaped for natural hoof, which means there is no need for shims or inserts. I think, we should put the light on this great feature which is it is the only hoof boots with built in drainage.

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5- Professional’s choice

5- Professionals Choice - horse boots australiaI guess we are done with the cavallo boots. The last but not least to come in our top 5 horse boots Australia is the professional’s choice. This one comes with a soft no turn knob that keeps the boot from spinning so as to keep you and your horse safe during your riding. Besides, the ultra shock lining can absorbs energy from overreaching and it protects those vital areas of the hoof.

It is made to work in any discipline, thanks to the durable ballistic nylon outer cover making these boots so tough with the ability to take the daily abuse of the riding.

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If you are still not sure which horse boots Australia are the best for your horse, consult the seller or a professional in this field. In any case, these products are an excellent addition to your horse keeping routine.


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