Bengal kittens for sale 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

What pushed you to type Bengal kittens for sale in google is for sure your desire to adopt one of them, but you do not know from where or what to look for exactly. Worry no more, we are going to share with all the basics that you need to understand what to expect and what to look for before you buy this cat. But first, let us get you a closer idea about this breed.

Bengal kittens for sale:

Bengal kittens for sale

Bengal cats are definitely beautiful creatures. They are a breed of cat which has been specially developed in order to look a lot like an exotic jungle cat. You’ll find that Bengals have a touch of clouded leopard, ocelot, mar-gay and leopard about them and this makes them very easy on the eyes. They are bred when domestic cats mate with Asian leopard cats. The first thing you observe once you see a Bengal cat is its wonderful soft and sleek coat.

About their size, for males they weigh on average between 10 to 15 lbs in Kg (4.5 – 6.8kg) whereas females an average of 8 – 12 lbs which is (3.6 – 5.4 kg). But there are some exceptions, in some cases you may have small or bigger than these measures. The head is a little bit to small than the body with small ears, compared to others breed such as munchkin cat. They are slim and athletic which shows their big action and activity. last but not least, the Life Span is an average of 14 to 16 years.

How to Find Bengal kittens for sale Online?

These days, it’s possible to shop for Bengal cats online. With this in mind, we’d like to help you by providing you with some practical shopping tips. We want you to find the right Bengal from a truly reputable and established breeder! So before you type Bengal kittens for sale in google, make sure to take this steps in consideration.

How to Shop Smart

If your heart is set on a Bengal, you may be overwhelmed by all of the breeders that advertise Bengals for sale online. There is a Bengal cat directory found on the Web which contains a list of reputable breeders. Checking this out at may help you to hunt more efficiently. It’s a list of breeders who have agreed to adhere to a code of ethics which is voluntary.

Bear in mind that some great Bengal breeders may not be on the list. However, it’s a good starting point and it’s probably something that you’re going to stumble upon online, anyway, so be sure to have a look.

This list shouldn’t be the sum total of your research. It’s just a starting point. If you check out breeders on the list, it’s up to you to establish their reputability and there are different ways to do this. You may visit their official websites in order to learn more about how long they’ve been in business and how they do business.

You may also make a note of how many Bengals are currently available and how much they cost. As well, look for contact information and get in touch via phone or email if you have a question.

We also recommend looking up reviews of breeders which interest you. Never skip this important step. it’s vital to see what real-life buyers (and Bengal cat fans!) have to say about specific breeds! You’ll learn a lot from reading reviews, even though there may be the occasional review which isn’t genuine.

Another option is to look up the breeder at the official BBB website. All aren’t listed. However, it’s good to find those that are, especially when they have high overall rankings at the Better Business Bureau.

You will want a healthy cat which is a genuine Bengal and which has a pleasant temperament. A healthy Bengal is a confident and charming feline. This is why finding the right breeder is so important. As well, you’ll want to know that Bengals which are raised at a particular breeder’s home are well taken care of.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy

In the Internet Age, it’s just so easy to reach out with questions and concerns and you should do so whenever you need information. One question to consider before asking if there are any Bengal kittens for sale, is whether or not a breeder places kittens and cats with purchase agreements (contracts) and health guarantees. It’s best to find this type of setup if you can, as it will protect you from a bad experience. You’ll have recourse as a consumer if there is a problem with your new Bengal. Also, find out if the breeder will take the cat back if someone in your home becomes allergic to it.

Bengal kittens for sale 2

It’s also important to ask which medical screenings the breeder performs. Felines are prone to certain ailments, including heart disease and Feline Leukemia. Proper medical screenings for all common health conditions which afflict cats should be performed before Bengal cats are sold on to owners. As well, you should inquire as to whether kittens and cats are properly vaccinated and DE-wormed, at the appropriate ages. Also, ask whether a breeder works with other types of breeds and which breeds they are.

Once you’ve gotten the answers to these questions (answers may be found at Bengal cat breeder websites, so check there before reaching out), you’ll be armed with knowledge. When you combine this type of research with review research and pricing comparisons, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision.

Buying any type of pet is a big decision. Pets need love and daily care. They become an integral part of homes, whether they live with singles, couples or families. If you follow our tips and then carefully consider your own finances, lifestyle and temperament, as they relate to caring for a cat, you should be ready to make a sensible decision. Your cat will need your love, support and care day in and day out. If you’re ready and willing to share your life with a beautiful Bengal, then you’ll do well to pick one out in the near future, via a respected breeder which operates online.

How Much Do Bengal Cats Cost?

Prices do vary a lot when it comes to Bengal kittens for sale. In general, you may expect to pay one thousand to two thousand dollars for a top quality Bengal kitten of the Rising Sun type. How much you will need to pay may depend on the kitten’s coloration and markings. A “mink quality” cat may cost around twelve hundred dollars or more.

Besides all what you covered above, here are the most 10 facts you do not know about Bengal cats, detailed in this info-graphic, so as to enrich your information before you think about Bengal kittens for sale.

bengal kittens for sale infographic

Hopefully, this guide has given you all of the hard facts that you were looking for. We love these gorgeous cats and we want to help prospective Bengal cat owners find the right felines.


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