About Us

About Billion Pet

What is BillionPet?

Billion Pet is a website dedicated to all pet´s owners & parents without any exceptions. Founded in 2017 for the seek of providing help to pet´s parents. Besides tones of information and tips about all sorts of pets out there such as, dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, birds, fish, reptiles, horses, and every other small animal. Simply, we provide you with the basic needs & tips you need to be aware of the before and after steps when you are thinking to adopt your next pet.

What does the name Billion Pet stands for?

Well, we do believe that every name has a meaning, this name came to me while i was looking for a bright name that is going to be the next famous brand in the pet industry. After lot of unsuccessful attempts that took days and days looking here and there i finally managed to find this name.

Billion Pet actually reflects the huge number of pet out there regardless what the breed is or what the type is, they remain animals that we must take care of.

Billion Pet Team:

For the moment there is only one guy that stands behind this website with lot of passion and willing to take this website to the next level. But soon more members will join our team so as we can afford great stuffs and lovely content to our visitors. If you are interested in joining us and you are sure of having big passion for pets, you can contact us here “petbillion@gmail.com” to get more information.

Future plans for Billion Pet:

Every successful work has some sort of future vision, that stands to take that project to the next level. With our project we are willing to create a new brand in the pet industry that will invade this market. Besides, we are thinking of a bunch of fresh ideas for new products and accessories for pets that will be unique and helpful to every pet owner.