10 Things your dog hates about you #3 will surprise you


How much you think you know about your dog? Do you really think that you know every little thing about your long haired German shepherd or your little puppy pug or any other breeds out there? Well, we are all here to learn more about our dogs so as to treat them well. So, here are the 10 things your dog hates you about you may not know about them before which can make your dog mad.

Hug your dog:

10- Hug your dog

The common thing about dogs´ owners is that they love hugging them a lot, wrapping their huge arms around their dogs and give them a huge hug. Well, for some dogs if we did not say most of them do not like it. Why so, simply because in their own world it is considered as a symbol of domination. It seems like you are the dominator and for some breeds who love being the dominators they will consider it as a bad move from you.

Usage of words instead of body language:

9- Usage of words instead of body language

Chill out bro, you are not dealing with a human. Did you forget that dogs cannot understand your language? Some owners totally forget that they are dealing with a pet so they start talking to them as they talk to a normal person expecting them to understand each word they are saying. Instead, you should add a body language to your speech so as they can understand better and interact with you, otherwise, don’t expect them to respond to your orders. And make sure that your gestures are small.

Patting dogs heads:

8- Patting dogs heads

Again, just like hugging your dog, patting his head can also be considered as a wrong act for some breeds. Most of dogs do not actually enjoy much patting on their small heads. That’s can be related to your way of patting your dog, because some owners do it strongly using some efforts without thinking that they are dealing with a small animal´s head. Let´s be honest, do you really like when someone is patting your head? In my case I don’t. But if you are in love with patting, then you may pat their backs they will appreciate it more.

Long eye contact with your dog:

7- Long eye contact with your dog

What will be your reaction if someone keeps staring directly at your eyes, and maybe you do not know him well? That for sure will lead to an aggressive reaction that may lead to bad results. This is the same case with dogs. If you keep eye contact with them eyes to eyes for a long time, then that dog may consider it as a real challenge or even a real threaten which will push him to take a stand for an aggressive reaction. Try not to make a long instantly eye contact with a new dog that you want to build a relationship with.

Usage of tight leash:

6- Usage of tight leash

If you really are going to keep your dog in a tight leash for a long time, then it will be a good decision to not own one at all. Dogs are not meant to be attached to leashes all day long. They need to run, play, jump and feel free. So, leashes are made for some occasions but not for most of the time. Your dog will hate you for it. So, try to free him and do not use a tight leash unless it is necessary.

Not allow your dog to smell and explore around:

5- Not allow your dog to smell and explore around

What dogs are known for? Running around, exploring new corners and smelling things. So, don’t you think it is a bad idea to not let your puppy to practice his hobbies? That is why you should take your own dog outside for a walk from times to times and unleash him to discover more the corners around him and of course keep them away from sniffing or licking garbage, or you will never kiss your dog again.

Push your dog to love another pet or someone he doesn’t like:

4- Push your dog to love another pet or someone he doesn’t like

Never ever force your puppy to engage or interact with someone they refuse to interact with. And never try to make a relationship between them and other pet or other breeds. Just let things to be normal and if it is meant to be then it will be. Do not rush anything just give your dog some space and time to build his own relationship with others on his terms and rules. Ask yourself what will be your reaction if someone forces you to talk to someone you don’t like, you see, it is the same with dogs as well. Treat your dog the same way you want to be treated.

Being so tense:

3- Being so tense

Never forget that dogs are so good in smelling your fear, tense and happiness. So, since your dog is spending most of the time near you and learning from you, they may be attached to you and act just like you act. In some cases, you may transmit your tense to your dog by sharing the same character. If anxious, then he is anxious too. If happy, then he is happy too. So, it is up to you of how you want to grow your little puppy. So, still cool so as to inspire your dog to be cool too.

Your dog feels boring:

2- Your dog feels boring

If you are thinking of owning a dog, then you may need to be aware that you are willing to give up some of your time. Dogs are very active and love to play all the time. That is why you should always consider showing interest on them. Never ever let your puppy feel alone. If you didn’t see him all the day because you was at work, then try to give him a good hello when you come back home, and try to play with him for a little before you fall asleep.

Showering your dog:

1- Showering your dog

If it is the first bathing of your dog, then you may be considering making it as good as you can so as to not grow his fear from bathing. Try to pick up a good shampoo, a good tub, warm water and don’t just push him into the water. Try to make it step by step. Do not forget to bring his toys as well so as to make it looks normal as if it is another method of playing.

Finally, this was our list of the most 10 things your dog hates you about you. So, next time try to avoid doing it so as to build a strong relationship with your dog. Let us know what your dog hates also in the comment section below.


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